Who is Guilherme's father in Chocolate com Pimenta

Guilherme is in love with Celina, but Reginaldo prevents the couple’s love for thinking he is the boy’s father. The truth is that the lawyer’s past is a secret that Margot has hidden for years. After all, who is Guilherme’s father in Chocolate com Pimenta? Revelation is made in the novel after much drama.

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Whose son is Guilherme in Chocolate com Pimenta?

The identity of Guilherme’s real father is not revealed in Chocolate com Pimenta. What is known is that he was a man Margot became involved with in her youth, when she was a prostitute.

Ashamed of her situation, Margot hid her pregnancy. When the boy was born, she gave him to a friend to raise. Afterwards, with the help of her friend and confidant Ludovico (Ary Fontoura), Margot grew up in life and became a respected person responsible for taking care of Ventura’s hotel.

His past remained hidden for years and Guilherme never learned the truth, until Margot had to reveal everything. She decides to tell the truth to Rodrigo Faro’s character and reveal that she is his mother, so that the boy would not think he was Celina and Graça’s (Nívea Stelmann) brother.

The scene was shown in chapter 115 of the original broadcast of the serial, when Reginaldo tells Guilherme that he is his father. Reginaldo always thought he was Guilherme’s father because he had an affair with Margot’s friend who raised the young man at the same time that Guilherme was born.

The woman didn’t tell anyone Margot’s secret and raised Guilherme as her real son, so he thought that the boy had been the result of his romance with her. Margot listens behind the door to the conversation between the two and that’s why she decides to tell the truth.

Guilherme is disgusted by the information and starts to despise Margot during several chapters. Rosamaria Murtinho’s character suffers from her son’s rudeness, but continues to treat him in the best way possible. Some time later, after the shock of the revelation has passed and after Margot helps Celina and Guilherme to be together, the boy resumes his relationship with Margot, asks forgiveness for her actions and starts calling her mother.

William and Margot
Who is Guilherme’s father in chocolate with pepper? Man never appears in the soap opera – photo: reproduction/globo

Chocolate Chili Mother and Child Finales

Margot and Guilherme’s endings are happy in the outcome of Walcyr Carrasco’s novel. Margot finds love and finishes the serial next to Beto (Alexandre Barilari), the younger man who works at the hotel. Throughout the plot, Margot appoints him manager of the hotel, but denies the boy’s advances.

However, later on, she gives in to love. In the last chapter of the plot, the two appear in a romance mood and exchange vows of love.

Guilherme also ends happily with his great love, Celina. The duo goes up to the altar-also in the last chapter-after the girl manages to get rid of the horrible husband who was forced to marry because of her father, Count Klaus (Cláudio Corrêa e Castro).

As the marriage never consummated, Celina gets the union annulled. She is then free and marries Guilherme. The two begin to raise Graça’s son together, as Celina’s sister dies in the final stretch of the serial after giving birth to a boy.

Guilherme and margot ending in chocolate with pepper – photo: reproduction/globo

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