who is the real marieta berdinazzi

In the soap opera O Rei do Gado, there is doubt about who the real Marieta Berdinazzi is. The girl is a lost niece of Geremias (Raul Cortez), whom the rich man looks for during the soap opera. Rafaela (Glória Pires) appears in the way of the farmer claiming to be the daughter of Giácomo (Manoel Boucinhas), but the scoundrel keeps a secret.

Who is the real Marieta Berdinazzi in the telenovela?

The real Marieta Berdinazzi is Luana (Patrícia Pillar). The blonde had an accident in which she lost her memory and doesn’t remember that she is part of the Italian family. Orphaned, she ended up in a convent, where she was baptized by the name of Luana.

But before the young lady is discovered as the Marieta that Geremias is looking for so much, an imposter will appear in the way of the king of coffee. Rafaela appears in the rich man’s life and claims to be the niece he is looking for – everything is a plan by Fausto (Jairo Mattos), who has his eye on the rich man’s inheritance.

The villain makes false documents to assure the “uncle” that she is Marieta. “It is endless happiness to know that this girl is my niece! My brother Giácomo’s daughter. She cannot imagine the remorse I carried with me. The last time we met, we rolled in the middle of a coffee plantation in Paraná”, says the millionaire.

Rafaela starts to live with Geremias and gains his trust, so that she becomes the sole heir to his fortune. Manipulative, she tells a series of lies to win the rich man’s affection and begins to live on the farm.

However, throughout the plot, Luana recovers her memory and remembers that she is a Berdinazzi. At that point, she will already be involved with Bruno Mezenga (Antônio Fagundes) and will decide to leave the farm, since their families are rivals.

Rafaela, on the other hand, will be unmasked in the final stretch of Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s serial. The impostor will confess to Geremias that she is not the lost niece, but she is the granddaughter of Bruno (Marcello Anthony). The rich man will decide to investigate on his own and discover that she really is Gema’s granddaughter, with whom the soldier got involved in Italy, but has no kinship with Giuseppe’s son (Tarcísio Meira).

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Who is the real Marieta Berdinazzi: Luana (Patricia Pillar) is the niece of Geremias (Raul Cortez) – Photo: Reproduction/Rede Globo

Who is the son of Bruno Berdinazzi?

Luana/Marieta will not be the only relative to appear in Geremias’ life. Later in the novel, the millionaire will be sought out by Giuseppe (Emílio Orciollo Neto), grandson of Bruno Berdinazzi (Marcello Anthony), and his great-nephew.

That’s because in the first phase of the plot, Bruno was drafted into World War II. He became involved with an Italian woman named Gema, who became pregnant by him. However, the first born dies a hero during a battle.

Bruno’s son does not appear in the plot, only his grandson. In the second phase of the telenovela, Giuseppe looks for his great-uncle and reveals that he is part of the family.

He will even be the one to inherit the coffee king’s inheritance. Luana will marry Bruno (Antônio Fagundes), with whom she will have a son named Felipe Berdinazzi Mezenga. The peace between the families will finally be sealed.

When is Rei do Gado on Globo?

Rei do Gado airs from Monday to Friday at 6 pm, Brasilia time, on Globo. The serial starts later while the Qatar World Cup games are being shown on the station.

Success in the 2000s, the serial returns for a third repeat as an attempt to leverage the indexes of the afternoon schedule, which were lower than expected with A Favorita (2008) in Vale a Pena Ver de Novo.

It is worth remembering that all episodes of the plot are available to Globoplay subscribers. Just search for ‘O Rei do Gado’ in the search field.

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