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In O Rei do Gado, Fausto (Jairo Mattos) devises a plan to get his hands on the fortune of Geremias Berdinazzi (Raul Cortez) through Rafaela (Glória Pires), who pretends to be the rich man’s niece. The lawyer dies at the beginning of the second phase of the plot, leaving the mystery in the air about his murder. The name of the person responsible for the character’s death only comes up in chapter 136 of the plot.

Who is Fausto in O Rei do Gado?

Fausto is the lawyer who works for Geremias in O Rei do Gado. Working alongside the rich man for many years, the professional knows everything about the past of the king of coffee, who used scams on his own family to keep the fortune.

The character was the one who helped Geremias to locate his brother and who is tasked with finding a way for the rich man not to leave his money to the government after his death. That’s because, until then, the millionaire has no heir. He was married throughout his life but had no children.

It is then that Fausto devises a plan to keep his boss’s fortune. He knows that Geremias is looking for Marieta Berdinazzi, his missing niece, and joins Rafaela (Gloria Pires), suggesting that she pose as the daughter of Giácomo (Manoel Boucinhas). The rogue carries out the plan as agreed and manages to deceive the “uncle” at first, until the lawyer who devised the plan is killed.

The character was played by actor Jairo Mattos, now 60 years old. His last job was on Record, last year, when he was on the soap opera Genesis. On Globo, he has not appeared since 2018.

Fausto (jairo mattos) in o rei do gado – photo: reproduction/rede globo

Geremias was the one who killed Fausto in O Rei do Gado

Geremias is responsible for the murder of Fausto in O Rei do Gado. The confession is made by the rich man himself during a conversation with Rafaela.

The coffee king takes the rogue by the arm, which finds the “uncle’s” behavior strange. The millionaire discovered that Rafaela is not a Berdinazzi as she claimed to be – even after revealing that she was not Marieta, the girl claimed to be the granddaughter of Bruno (Marcello Anthony), killed in the first phase of the plot.

“Now I know who you are, Rafaela Berdinazzi”, he begins. “I’m a Berdinazzi!” says the young woman. “No! It’s not! And now we know it. You only have my name, but not my blood”, continues Geremias. “Your father was not my brother Bruno’s son”, says the coffee king. Rafaela says she didn’t know that, because her grandmother always referred to her father as if he were Bruno’s son.

Tired of arguing with the young woman, Geremias says that the two need to settle accounts: “I didn’t let Chief Valdir take you back to the police station, he has decreed a preventive arrest against you, who confessed to having given my gun to Marcos Mezenga kill Doctor Fausto”.

Rafaela tries to convince Geremias that she is telling the truth, but he keeps saying that she is lying. “That delegate for taking me back to the police station I’m going to die saying that. I handed the gun to Marcos Mezenga to kill Doctor Fausto”, she continues.

The young woman questions how Geremias is so sure she is lying, until he confesses: “because I killed Doctor Fausto, without any remorse”.

Geremias goes on to say that Rafaela’s story is very poorly told from the beginning. “Why did you let me keep insisting [na farsa?]”, asks the young woman. “Because you helped me separate the damn Bruno Mezenga”.

It is then that Rafaela confesses that she didn’t hand Marcos any gun, she didn’t see Marieta giving Bruno a gun and neither did she bury the bullets.

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Geremias (Raul Cortez) was the one who killed Fausto in O Rei do Gado – photo: reproduction/rede globo

What happens to Geremias and Rafaela in O Rei do Gado?

Despite having confessed to being the author of Fausto’s murder, the rich man ends up not paying for the crime. At the end of the plot, Geremias discovers that he has a great-nephew, Giuseppe (Emilio Orciollo Neto). The boy is the grandson of his brother Bruno and lived in Italy all this time.

The boy returns to Brazil with Geremias and becomes the only heir to the coffee king’s fortune. Despite discovering that Luana (Patrícia Pillar) is the real Marieta Berdinazzi, he does not recognize her as his legitimate niece.

Rafaela leaves the millionaire’s farm. But first, she receives some head of cattle and land from the “uncle” who, despite everything, became attached to the young woman.

The plot ends with Geremias and Bruno Mezenga finally sealing the peace between the families and living in harmony.

The rerun of O Rei do Gado airs from Monday to Friday at 6 pm, Brasília time. The telenovela is starting later due to the Qatar World Cup matches.

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