Who killed Ralf from Rei do Gado

The mystery about who killed Ralf do Rei do Gado, played by Oscar Magrini, is one of the great revelations of Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s novel. The author withheld the information until the final stretch of the serial and left many people with their jaws dropped. The death of the womanizing and abusive bad character ends with a light punishment and his killer on the loose.

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Who killed Ralf from Rei do Gado and why?

Ralf’s killer in O Rei do Gado is Marcos (Fábio Assunção), son of Bruno Mezenga. The news may shock many people, but it has an explanation.

Ralf was Léia’s lover (Silvia Pfeifer), the boy’s mother and Bruno’s wife. A trickster, Ralf lived at the expense of the women he had relationships with and treated Marcos’ mother very badly. With an eye on Bruno Mezenga’s fortune, Ralf had an unhealthy and abusive relationship with Léia.

After Bruno discovers their relationship and leaves his wife, she is at the mercy of her lover, who beats her and forces her to extort money from the father of her children.

Disturbed by his mother’s suffering situation, Marcos decided to act. He buried the bad character on the beach with the help of Geraldino (Marcelo Galdino) after Ralf was beaten by henchmen of Orestes (Luiz Parreiras), husband of Suzane (Leila Lopes), a woman who was also Ralf’s lover.

After Orestes’ henchmen gave Ralf a lesson, he was left alive on a beach. However, after being buried by Marcos, the man ended up dying after the rising tide. The body was found days later and made headlines in the newspapers.

Initially, Marcos denies that he was involved in the crime and that he was the one who killed Ralf do Rei do Gado. However, the boy’s father puts him against the wall and says he saw what his son did. The young man then confesses that he did what he did on behalf of his mother.

The family stands by Marcos, who is tried shortly after for the crime. The court scenes take several moments from the final chapters of Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s novel, until the verdict comes out.

At the end of the trial, the jury does not find Marcos guilty of Ralf’s death, the boy is only accused of concealing a corpse. For that, he gets a small sentence of 1 to 3 years. However, because he is a first offender and has a good record, he earns the right to a conditional suspension of the sentence, serving it in freedom. So he was able to walk straight home from the courthouse.

Who killed Ralf from the King of Cattle? Marcos ends up free after trial – photo: reproduction/globo

What is the ending of Marcos in O Rei do Gado?

After the trial for who killed Ralf do Rei do Gado comes to an end and Marcos can return home, he starts to run his father’s business. He becomes the new “king of the cattle” of the piece and tries to recover the farm that belonged to his mother long ago.

His ending is happy alongside Liliana (Mariana Lima), daughter of Senator Caxias (Carlos Vereza) and who became the boy’s girlfriend throughout the plot. The two end the plot as the parents of a little boy that Liliana gives birth to shortly before the trial that almost condemns Marcos.

liliana and marcos
Liliana and O Rei do Gado landmarks – photo: reproduction/globo

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