Launching on Netflix, the 1899 series has been making waves since it entered the streaming catalog. The production takes on one of the desired places in the Top 10 most watched on the platform, but it has also experienced controversial moments in recent days. The series was well received for being from the authors of the acclaimed Dark, but the duo has been accused of plagiarism.

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Who are the authors of the 1899 series?

The 1899 series was already highly anticipated by fans of science fiction and suspense because of its authors. The production is a work of Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, creators of the Dark series, which has been very successful on Netflix in recent years.

Baran bo Odar is originally from Switzerland, but grew up in Germany, and is 44 years old. In addition to being a screenwriter, he is also a director and producer. Baran was in the director’s chair for episodes of the 1899 series, just as he did with Dark.

In addition to these works, he is also known for the films Crimes at Dawn (2017), Invaders: No System Is Saved (2014) and Das letzte Schweigen (2010), a production that earned him victory in one of the directorial categories of the renowned Palm Springs International Film Festival 2011 and Best Film nomination at the German Film Critics Association Awards in the same year.

His partner Jantje Friese is German and 45 years old. Screenwriter and film producer, the Dark and 1899 series were not the first venture alongside Baran. She worked on the screenplay for Invaders: No System Is Safe (2014), was the producer of Das letzte Schweigen, in addition to the short film Quietsch, which Baran is also directing.

In addition to these works, she was also part of the cast of two short films, Annaottoanna (2004) and Poppen (1999).

Until then restricted to the European film scene, the Dark series put them on the world map. The German production arrived at the Netflix catalog in 2017 and featured a plot full of twists and turns. The story began with the disappearance of a boy from a German town, which ends up leading to other intriguing events that even involve time travel.

The production was successful and ended up winning two more seasons. The series ended in 2020 and left many fans missing. Therefore, the announcements that the duo’s new series, 1899, was on the way left many people looking forward to the premiere.

Jantje friese and baran bo odar, creators of the 1899 series – photo: playback/disclosure/instagram/@1899netflix

Brazilian accuses series of plagiarism

On November 20, a few days after the premiere of the series 1899 in the Netflix catalogue, Brazilian cartoonist Mary Cagnin took to Twitter to vent. She accused the work of Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese of plagiarizing her material, the Black Silence comic.

“I am in shock. The day I discovered that the 1899 series is simply identical to my comic Black Silence, published in 2016”, wrote the author.

Among the similarities, she mentioned some symbols used in the plot of the production, such as a black pyramid. As well as the deaths on the ship and the multinational crew (there are different nationalities and languages ​​among the characters).

“The writings in codes. The voices calling for them. Subtle details of the plot, as personal dramas of the characters, including the mysterious deaths”, he pointed out.

The author mentions the possibility that European authors had contact with her work, since in 2017 she was invited to participate in a Book Fair in Gothenburg, Sweden, in addition to making the work available online in English.

Mary revealed that she was shaken by the situation and that she had already cried a lot. The cartoonist said that it was always her dream to be recognized worldwide and that the circumstances left her heartbroken.

See the accusations and comparisons:

This Monday morning, the author Baran bo Odar spoke about the subject on his official account on the social network Instagram and wrote: “as I mentioned in my previous post: Unfortunately we do not know the artist [brasileira], nor his work or comic. We would never steal from other artists how we feel as artists. We’ve also reached out to her, so hopefully she’ll drop these allegations. The internet has become a strange place. Please more love instead of hate.”

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What is the story of the 1899 series?

The 1899 series follows a mystery plot about a group of people who are aboard a luxury ship, the Kerberos. More than a thousand people, including passengers and crew, sail across the ocean towards New York, in the United States. However, the vessel’s captain changes his mind along the way and leaves everyone distressed.

After receiving mysterious signals from the Prometheus, a ship that disappeared 4 months ago, the captain changes the wheel to find it. There, only a little boy is found. After the event, strange situations begin to affect passengers in Kerberos, such as deaths and unexplained factors.

Watch the trailer and check out the story details:

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