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Paulo Gorgulho, who was Zé Lucas in the first version of Pantanal, was successful in both phases of Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s 1990 feuilleton and marked the small screens. One of the most emblematic names in the production of Manchete, the actor was one of the invited by the remake of TV Globo to have the chance to return to the universe of the soap opera and won participation in the scenes of the beginning of the plot of 2022. The famous remains active and in will soon appear in a miniseries.

Where is who Zé Lucas was in the first version of Pantanal

Paulo Gorgulho is 63 years old and still has a full schedule. The actor was 30 years old when filming began on the original serial and has turned 31 over the course of the project. At the time, Gorgulho had been employed by Manchete for about three years. The famous debuted in 1987 on the network’s screens with the soap opera Carmen. Shortly after, in 1989, he was Captain Juarez Távora in Kananga of Japan. Then he was called to Pantanal.

However, the actor’s debut on the small screen had happened a few years earlier, on TV Globo with the miniseries Anarchists Thanks to God, in which he played the character Hugo.

After acting in Pantanal, Gorgulho was in another production of Manchete, the miniseries O Farol (1991), and soon migrated to TV Globo, in which he engaged in several works. First, he played Otávio in Gilberto Braga’s O Dono do Mundo, with Antônio Fagundes and Malu Mader.

After that, he was in Fera Ferida (1993), Retrato de Mulher (1993), Farewell to a Single (1992 – 1993), Decadência (1995), Zazá (1997), Brava Gente (2000 – 2001), O Quinto dos Infernos (2002), Coração de Estudante (2002), Agora é que São Eças (2003) and A Diarista (2004).

In 2005, who was Zé Lucas in the first version of Pantanal migrated to Record, a broadcaster he worked for a few years. The debut of the famous on Edir Macedo’s channel took place in the soap opera Estes Mulheres. The following year, he was Alfredo in Bicho do Mato, a soap opera that featured Almir Sater and Sérgio Reis, who were also in Pantanal in 1990.

In 2007, Gorgulho acted in Caminhos do Coração. The following year, he was in Poder Paralelo (2009), and then acted in A História de Ester (2010), Plano Alto (2014), Os Dez Mandamentos (2014), O Rico e Lázaro (2017), Belaventura (2017) and Jesus (2018).

In recent years, Paulo Gorgulho has been quite active between series. He acted in Guardianship Council (2014 – 2018), A Vida Secreta dos Casais (2017 – 2019) and Segunda Chamada (2019 – 2021). The actor’s recent works were the remake of Pantanal (2022) and the film O Jardim Secreto de Mariana (2021).

In 2023, the public will be able to watch Paulo Gorgulho on Netflix with the miniseries Todo Dia a Mesma Noite, about the tragedy that happened at the Kiss nightclub in 2013, in the city of Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul.

Paulo gorgulho who was zé lucas in the first version of pantanal in 1990 (left) and actor in the second series called 2019 – 2022 (right) – photo: reproduction/headline/globoplay

Entry of Paulo Gorgulho as Zé Lucas in Pantanal

Gorgulho participated in moments of the first phase of the serial as the character of José Leôncio, which lasted about 16 chapters, and returned later in the plot as José Lucas de Nada, Zé Leôncio’s bastard son with the prostitute Generosa. The return of Gorgulho to the cast of the soap opera came from incessant requests from the public, who wanted more scenes of the actor on the small screen.

In an interview with Yahoo this June, Gorgulho said he was surprised by Jayme Monjardim (director) and author Benedito Ruy Barbosa at the time of the soap opera. The actor was informed that several fans made calls to the station asking for his return and that’s why he needed to return. With that, José Lucas de Nada came to life.

Gorgulho’s return in the Manchete soap opera took place in chapter 49. He arrives in the plot as a truck driver, but later ends up becoming a pawn in Túlio’s entourage and then is hired on his father’s farm – In the rerun of SBT, 2008, the The character’s first appearance takes place earlier, around chapter 35, as the rerun featured cuts.

Over the course of the plot, the pawn becomes involved with Irma, Erika and falls in love with Juma, who is his younger brother’s girlfriend. Zé Lucas becomes obsessed with his sister-in-law and tries to abuse her, but is stopped by his grandfather, the old man from the river. The romance with Juma doesn’t happen, but with Erika and Irma things went ahead. With Erika, Zé Lucas almost gets married, as he believed the girl was pregnant, but everything goes downhill when he finds out that he was tricked by the journalist.

Irma, on the other hand, is the pawn’s happy ending. After Zé Leôncio’s sister-in-law has a child with Trindade, the guitar player with a pact with the devil leaves and asks Zé Lucas to take care of the child and Irma. With no Trindade on the way, Zé Lucas gets closer and closer to the woman and the two become a couple. In the final stretch of the plot, Zé Lucas asks his beloved to marry him and they end up happy.

In the 2022 version, Zé Lucas de Nada enters the plot after suffering a robbery on the road and starts working with Tulio. Check out:

Who was Paulo Gorgulho in the Pantanal remake?

In 2022, Gorgulho made a cameo in the new version of Pantanal. The actor appeared only at the beginning of the plot as the pawn Ceci. The character was one of the members of Joventino’s (Irandhir Santos) entourage for many years and is now ready to retire.

Ceci was not a pawn in the original version, Joventino’s friend was created by Bruno Luperi in the TV Globo remake to honor Paulo Gorgulho. The role was written especially for him.

Due to the large passage of time between the beginning of the novel and the current point of the second phase, between three and four decades, Ceci should not return to the feuilleton, since the pawn was already an advanced age in the plot. If Gorgulho will return for any more cameos, nothing has been revealed by the network so far.

Ceci wetland 2022
Actor who was zé lucas in the first version of pantanal played ceci in the remake – photo: reproduction/globo

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