Bruno Mezenga is whose son

The second phase of Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s novel shows the rise of Bruno Mezenga (Antônio Fagundes) to the title of ‘king of cattle’, after becoming one of the richest farmers in the region. The protagonist’s story begins in the first part of the plot, since he is the result of a forbidden relationship between his mother and father, who were from rival families. After all, whose son is Bruno Mezenga?

Whose son is Bruno Mezenga? remember the story

Bruno Mezenga is the son of Giovanna (Letícia Spiller) and Henrique (Leonardo Brício) in the soap opera O Rei do Gado. The protagonist appears as a baby in the first phase of the telenovela and is the only character, besides Geremias (Caco Ciocler/Raul Cortez), who continues in the second phase of the plot.

After the passage of time, Bruno Mezenga appears aged around 40 and has become a wealthy farmer, known as ‘the king of cattle’. He prospered with the small herd started by his father and managed to build his fortune, at the same time that Geremias became ‘the king of coffee’ by playing tricks on his own family.

In the second phase of the plot, Bruno is married to Léia (Silvia Pfeifer) and the father of two children, Lia (Lavínia Vlasak) and Marcos (Fábio Assunção). However, in the face of his failed marriage, he falls in love with the cold-weather worker Luana (Patrícia Pillar), who arrives at her farm with a group of landless people.

The farmer gives the blonde a job, until she remembers her true identity and discovers that she is the lost niece that Geremias is looking for, reviving the rivalry between the Mezengas and the Berdinazzis.

Bruno even gets angry with Luana after she decides to leave the farm, but the two reconcile and end up together at the end of the telenovela.

Second phase the king of cattle
Bruno Mezenga (antônio fagundes) in o rei do gado – photo: reproduction/rede globo

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