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The paternity of Tadeu is an unknown in the serial for those who do not know the events of the original version, as Filó has already made statements and later returned to his revelations more than once in the plot. After all, whose son is Tadeu Pantanal? For those who still don’t know, the pawn is not José Leôncio’s legitimate heir. The boy is the result of Filó’s relationship with another man.

Whose son is Tadeu Pantanal in the soap opera Pantanal?

Tadeu is not the son of José Leôncio and Filó does not reveal the name of the boy’s real father at any point in the 1990 soap opera Pantanal. Therefore, the pawn’s paternity will remain an unsolved mystery in the TV Globo remake. For now, nothing has been revealed that indicates that the author Bruno Luperi will make changes and show Tadeu’s biological father in the serial.

If the events of the Manchete version are repeated, in the next chapters of the 2022 version, Filó will reveal the truth to Tadeu, but will soon go back and deny everything. The moment happens because the boy will confront his mother and ask if he is really one of the farmer’s heirs. First, she will say no and justify that even without being the son of the cattle king, Tadeu “saved” him. However, shortly afterwards she regrets and denies the information, again stating that the boy is Zé’s son.

Filó made the decision to lie about who Tadeu is his son in Pantanal to try to assuage José Leôncio’s sadness. At the time, Tadeu was already a child and was very close to the rancher. When Madeleine left and took Jove with her, Filó said that Tadeu was Zé Leôncio’s son to try to help his beloved deal with the loss of his son.

How Tadeu discovers the truth about his paternity

After Filó goes back and decides to continue with the lie that Tadeu is Zé Leôncio’s son, the truth is not hidden for long. In the final stretch of the serial, Tadeu overhears a hidden conversation between Filó and Zé in the farm’s kitchen and discovers once and for all that he doesn’t share any genetic trait with the cattle king.

During the conversation, the pawn hears that Zé Leôncio always knew that Tadeu was not his legitimate son, but that he never said anything, because he always wanted the boy to be his. He also discovers that Juma already knew everything, as she was informed by the old man from the river.

Filó regrets and says he is afraid that Tadeu will discover the truth, without even suspecting that the pawn is listening to everything in secret. The two continue the conversation and Tadeu leaves angry. The boy feels betrayed and cheating and so he decides to run away. He leaves José Leôncio’s farm on a horse and plays the horn as a farewell.

However, during the escape, the boy comes face to face with the old man from the river. The two talk about love, family and how none of this is just related to DNA and that Tadeu is his grandson in the same way as Jove or Zé Lucas. Tadeu is convinced by the old man from the river to return and the boy settles with his parents.

Whose son is Tadeu Pantanal? The public that is following the remake saw that Filó ended up talking too much about Tadeu’s paternity and Irma listened:

Pantanal has more lies about paternity

In addition to Filó, Zuleica also lies about the paternity of Marcelo, her eldest son with Tenório. The truth is that the boy is not the legitimate heir of Maria Bruaca’s husband. For those who don’t know, the boy is the result of a rape that Zuleica suffers in her youth.

As Tenório was happy to have a son with his lover, Zuleica decided to lie and did not say that the young man was actually the son of another man. However, after Guta and Marcela fall in love, lying becomes a problem, as Tenório does not allow his children to commit incest. The truth comes out when Zuleica reveals that she lied.

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Zuleica tenorio and marcelo
Zuleica also lies who is the father of her child – photo: reproduction/globe

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