why mimosa stole catarina's policies

During much of the soap opera O Cravo e a Rosa, Catarina and Petruchio rack their brains trying to find out who has the inheritance of Adriana Esteves’ character. At the end of the serial, it is revealed that the person responsible for the crime is none other than Mimosa (Suely Franco), Batista’s employee for many years. And why did Mimosa steal Catarina’s policies? Calixto’s wife explains herself after being unmasked.

Why did Mimosa steal Catarina’s policies in O Cravo e a Rosa?

Mimosa stole Catarina’s policies in O Cravo e a Rosa to protect the young woman’s fortune. The maid saw that Marcela was in the study room of Batista’s mansion and that she was looking for Catarina’s money, so the housekeeper decided to act. When Marcela left the room, the family employee went to the safe and took the policies to hide them in a safe place.

She planned to tell Catarina everything, but lost her policies and was discovered by Lindinha (Vanessa Gerbelli). Afraid that no one would believe her story, as she no longer had the money on hand, she gave in to the blackmail.

Upon being unmasked as the thief of Catarina’s inheritance at the end of the novel, the maid justifies herself: “I didn’t want to steal, I didn’t want to steal Catarina. I just didn’t want to let that lambisgoia Marcela take her money”. Catarina accepts Mimosa’s apology, but asks her to immediately tell her where she hid the money.

Mimosa explains that she stole Catarina’s insurance policies and put them in her photo album, however, the object mysteriously disappeared from her belongings. After Mimosa confesses everything, Joana (Tássia Camargo) reveals that she knows who the album is with, little Buscapé (Luís Antônio Nascimento).

The girl had taken the album because he wanted a photograph of his parents, but he had no idea that the policies were hidden there. Finally, they discover that the album was hidden all along in the mansion’s kitchen.

When Buscapé returns the album, Petruchio finds Catarina’s stolen money and celebrates.

When will the reveal happen in the Globo rerun?

The revelation of who has the money and why Mimosa stole Catarina’s policies only happens in the last chapter of the soap opera O Cravo e a Rosa. Thus, those who follow the serial on TV Globo’s afternoons will have to wait a little longer to see the scene.

The network has not yet announced when Walcyr Carrasco’s telenovela will be finished. However, due to the number of chapters already shown and what remains to be shown in the plot, the forecast is that the production will remain on the small screens until mid-September 2022.

police robbery
Why did Mimosa steal Catarina’s policies? Explanation is made after discovering money thief – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

Where is Suely Franco?

Suely Franco will turn 83 in October this year and does not want to know about retirement. The famous remains active in the world of acting and has recently been on stage in Rio de Janeiro with the play Copacabana – O Musical, at the Copacabana Palace Theater. The show ran from December 2021 until part of the first half of 2022.

She is also in the movie Saideira, with Luciana Paes and Thati Lopes, which at the moment does not have a release date and is going through the post production process.

The period of the pandemic was a little difficult for the actress. Suely told journalist Alcelmo Gois in 2021 that she was out of work for some time due to the health crisis. The actress had to move out of the apartment she lived in because of the value of the condominium, but revealed that she was able to keep up with the bills due to her savings. With no current contract with any broadcaster, the famous depends on her theater projects.

Before the break in work due to the pandemic, the actress was in the film Detectives from the Blue Building 3: An Adventure at the End of the World (2020), as well as the other two films in the franchise, in addition to Music to Die in Love (2019) .

The last novel by Mimosa de O Cravo e a Rosa was A Dona do Pedaço, in 2019. The actress played the character Marlene, a widow and retired teacher who is a cousin of the priest who receives Maria (Juliana Paes) in São Paulo. She was the one who helped the protagonist to take her first steps as a micro-entrepreneur.

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Suely Franco in the play Copacabana – O Musical (on the left) and in an Instagram post (on the right) – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@suelyfrancooficial

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