Why was this Joker storyline cut from Suicide Squad?  here are the details

He was to become “the king of Gotham”.

Suicide Squad will return this evening on TMC, the channel continuing its cycle devoted to DC Comics adaptations after rebroadcasting the Dark Knight trilogy. The Joker, played by Jared Leto, should have had a very different script arc in this David Ayer blockbuster. Certain sequences of the trailers indeed showed the character in new situations on the big screen, since finally cut during the editing. On Twitter, the director decided to say more about his initial plans in 2018, two years after the release – and the very mixed reception – of the film in cinemas: “After dropping Harley Quinn from the helicopter and spitting herself out, Enchantress makes a deal with him. He was to bring Harley home and become ‘The King of Gotham’. Harley faced him and refused to betray his new friends. The Squad turned on him and he escaped”. And to assure in another tweet that the original idea was that Harley freed herself from the Joker to embrace her new life with the Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad: the worst Jared Leto did on set

Ayer didn’t specify why things were changed in this way, but it’s easy to imagine that it was a production decision. Moreover, he also explained since the release of Suicide Squad that he wanted the Joker is the big bad of the movie. Regretting that this character finally had the right to less screen time than expected, he also campaigns to release his “Ayer Cut” blockbuster, as Zack Snyder did recently with Justice League. For the moment, Warner Bros has not responded favorably to his many messages. The super-villain team was also reunited for another film by James Gunn, The Suicide Squadwhich offers a totally different view of this universe and does not feature the Joker.

Editing, cuts and haste: another Suicide Squad could have been born

The story of Suicide Squad : The worst villains of the DC Comics universe united in the same film.
It’s so enjoyable to be a bastard! Faced with a threat as enigmatic as it is invincible, secret agent Amanda Waller brings together an armada of scoundrels of the worst kind. Armed to the teeth by the government, these Super-Villains then embark on a suicide mission. Until the moment they realize that they have been sacrificed. Will they accept their fate or rebel?

Here are some outtakes from The Joker:


Jared Leto scared David Ayer on the set of Suicide Squad

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