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After the Ministry of Health (Minsal) announced that the entire Metropolitan Region will go back to the Medium Sanitary Impact phase in the new Step by Step plan, the cultural scene would already be looking at this decision with concerned eyes. This is because the sanitary measure will impact the capacity of concerts, shows and activities in Chile.

Will some concerts in Chile be canceled due to the return of the Metropolitan Region to the Medium Health Impact phase?

The Medium Health Impact phase establishes that massive events will now have a maximum capacity of up to 10 thousand people. This with a mask and Mobility Pass and as long as the evenue space allows for physical distancing of at least one meter.

Therefore, the capacity of shows that were already sold entirely in theaters and venues with fixed seats, will be reduced to 75%.

The Trade Association of Entertainment and Culture Production Companies (Agepec) indicated that this is a regression. Since after the COVID-19 pandemic, they were paralyzed for more than two years.

“We do not understand why a government opens its doors to you and then slams the door on you from one day to the next. For us it was a respite when he declared unlimited capacity in green phase«. Jorge Ramírez, general manager of Agepec, told BioBio.

“However, the yellow phase is even more restrictive than the phase that corresponded to it in the previous Footsteps. Harming and affecting the work of thousands of workers that they will have to return to their homes again without any resources for their families.” He added about it.

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“How do I discriminate who I leave out and who I don’t”

Among the concerts and activities that could be affected after this decision, are those that will be held in places such as the Movistar Arena, Teatro Caupolicán, Nescafé de las Artes, Aula Magna or the Dome of Parque O’Higgins.

«For example, how do we explain to the people who bought their ticket to a show at the Movistar Arena, that now they will have to remove about 3 thousand tickets from circulation because the capacity decreased«. Ramirez added.

«That when the show went on sale we were with full capacity. Y how do I discriminate who I leave out and who I don’t. These are things that need to be resolved and that the authority did not consider when designing this new plan.”

About the musical events that are scheduled for this month, the union leader said the following to the aforementioned means, medium. “Only in May we have scheduled shows like Gondwana at Blondie, Tommy Rey at Caupolicán or Louis Tomlinson and his international tour, sold out at the Movistar Arena».

“The same happens with Ladies Free, Chico Trujillo or Anuel. What do we tell people, to leave because they don’t fit or we cancel. Chile andhe only country in the world in this logic with the culture«. He finished about it.

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