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Fans get ready to follow the greatest players on the field with their soccer selections. There will be sixty-four games of great quality to watch, in addition to rooting for the Brazilian team in search of the sixth. But will the 2022 World Cup be shown on Globo? Learn how to watch and what the schedule will be like.

How the 2022 World Cup will be broadcast on Globo

As tradition dictates, Rede Globo will show the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and there will be more than 160 hours of football broadcast with all games shown live on open TV throughout the country.

Of the 64 games of the Qatar Cup, Globo will broadcast 56 live on the open channel throughout Brazil. This is because in the third and final round, the games in the same bracket will be played at the same time, and therefore it is not possible to broadcast two at the same time. However, from the group stage, knockout stage to the final, Globo will transmit everything to the fans.

Rede Globo owns the rights to broadcast the championship, that is, only it can broadcast the games on open TV. That’s why the station in Rio de Janeiro prepared a super schedule and team with new scenes, programs, special interviews and reports about the World Cup.

At Estúdios Globo, in Rio de Janeiro, the station prepared three cameras installed in the Souq Waqif market, in Qatar, with projections lasting more than 20 hours a day. This will be the setting for ‘Central da Copa’ and Globo’s ‘Esporte Espetacular’, in addition to SporTV’s ‘Seleção Qatar’.

Luís Roberto, Cléber Machado, Galvão Bueno, Gustavo Villani and Renata Silveira will lead the narrations of football matches on Globo. Renata will be the first woman to narrate matches in the Men’s Soccer Cup, while Ana Thais Matos will be the first to comment.

You can also watch the World Cup games live on Sportv channels, on cable TV, and on the GloboPlay platform, for subscribers or not.

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Globo will broadcast all the cup matches. Photo: reproduction / pixabay

Will Globo show Brazil’s World Cup games?

Rede Globo will broadcast all the games of the Brazilian National Team in the 2022 World Cup. As is tradition, Galvão Bueno will be the narrator of the team’s clashes. By his side, he will have Roque Júnior, Ana Thaís Matos and Júnior.

After Galvão Bueno tested positive for Covid-19, admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo over the weekend, fans showed some confusion as to whether the professional would actually follow the broadcast.

As the narrator’s trip had to be postponed, he will not be narrating the opening on Sunday, November 20th. Luís Roberto is the one who will command the transmission alongside Caio Ribeiro and Roger Flores. Meanwhile, Galvão debuts on Thursday, November 24, with Brazil and Serbia.

The games in Brazil will also be broadcast on Sportv.

How to watch Globo on mobile?

In addition to following Globo’s emotions on TV, you can also watch the channel’s images live and for free on your mobile device. But do you know how it works?

The GloboPlay platform, a streaming service, retransmits Globo’s programming for free in its application, both for cell phones and tablets, computers or even on smart TV. All you need to do is download the app, sign up for Conta Globo and tune in to the Globo channel on the schedule.

That’s right fans, you can watch all the World Cup games for free on your cell phone. You don’t have to be a subscriber to find programming for free. However, the fan who likes to watch everything on Sportv has to get the broadcaster in his subscriber package to watch it.

You can only watch TV Globo for free. No other paid channels will be available.

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