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2022 has been loaded with music. And it is that after almost two years of confinement it was just and necessary to meet again with our favorite bands.

However, despite having had a list of important concerts in the country, the good musical news does not end here. Well, various artists are already scheduling tours for next year. And Beyoncé is one of them.

Beyoncé world tour announced for 2023

In this context, the American media SixPage pointed out that close and reliable sources would have revealed that Queen B would be ready and willing to start a tour. Which would take her all over the world.

All this under the release of the singer’s latest album “Renaissance”, whose project was conceived in the midst of a pandemic.

“Renaissance” belongs to the first of three parts of the last era of Beyoncé. The singer revealed that her latest studio album was created under the guise of a “three-act project.” So Beyoncé’s seventh studio album It would be just the beginning of the pop diva’s new material.

“Creating Reinssance allowed me a place to dream and find an escape during a terrifying time for the world”. Beyoncé wrote through her social networks.

It should be noted that the last tour the artist made was with her husband, Jay-Z, all under the promotion of “Everything Is Love”, the joint album that the couple released in 2018.

On the other hand, Benyoncé’s last solo tour dates back to 2016. Where the interpreter of “Cuff It” launched “Formation World Tour” which included a concert in the United States and Europe.

Does it come or does it not come?

According to a source close to SixPage, Beyoncé would be reserving stadiums around the world for 2023. What could mean an opportunity for the artist to set foot on national territory for the second time.

It should be remembered that the first and only concert that Beyoncé performed in the country was on February 14, 2010, as part of her “I Am… World Tour.”

Although the singer has not yet confirmed anything about her possible Return to the stage, It is expected that the Beyoncé Tour will be officially announced during the next few weeks.

In any case, we leave you a playlist so you can light your candles and invoke Queen B.

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