William Bonner manifests after rumors of leaving Globo and detonates

Amidst the rumors that he would leave the bench of the National Journal, William Bonner spoke up and said these were baseless rumours. Furthermore, the anchor of Globo detonated who spreads rumors on the web.

Directly, Bonner denied that he will leave the position of editor-in-chief and presenter of JN in 2023. He also stressed that in fact they always use his name and other colleagues at Globo to generate controversy and clicks.

“I don’t know who invents these rumors that I intend to leave Globo, but the intention is obvious: to make money by getting people to click on the deceptive link. My name and those of other colleagues at Globo have been systematically used for this purpose by sites that live off this low schedule”, he said in a conversation with Folha de S. Paulo.

Doesn’t want to leave Jornal Nacional

Completing 36 years at Globo, Bonner emphasized that does not wish to retire at this time. He stated that he continues with his plans for JN.

“My professional plans are all focused on ‘Jornal Nacional’ and on Globo journalism projects for which I was and will still be cast. I am completing exactly 36 years at Globo in these days of June and I feel with energy and willingness to continue for a long time in the performance of a work that I consider of enormous relevance for our country”, he said.

Bonner answers questions

A few months ago, the official profile of Jornal Nacional on Instagram published a video of William Bonner answering fan trivia. At the time, the anchor stated that he no longer sees himself on the bench in ten years. He said he will follow the edits from his home.

“Well, ten years from now, I’m definitely going to see it from home! [Risos] Because I don’t intend to be at that age introducing JN. I will be 67 years old! Guys, uncle has to rest too. Let’s go slowly, right?”, he said, who then, killed the questioning of a boy who questioned him about his beard.

“Because I couldn’t bear to shave my beard anymore. I wore a beard in college, until I started working in television, and then I spent all these years shaving. And I came to the conclusion that I didn’t have to do it anymore because it was a huge waste of time.” Fatima Bernardes.

Still in the video, he commented on drinking water or going to the bathroom during JN’s live performance. Sometimes it does, when there is a very long report. But I think in my entire life I must have done it twice. Drinking water is easy, right there, but going to the bathroom… I did it a couple of times and I must have been really tight to do it,” he said.

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