William Levy shoots his modern version of the Count of Monte Cristo in Madrid

Madrid, (EFE).- The Cuban actor William Levy A modern version of “The Count of Monte Cristo” is being filmed in Spain, in which he becomes Alejandro Monte Cristo, a sophisticated, mysterious hero tortured by his past, inspired by the novel by Alejandro Dumas.

The production company Secuoya Studios today confirmed the start of the recordings and published the first images in which the actor from “Café con aroma de mujer” appears in a mansion, one of the settings of the international series.

“I had wanted to shoot a project in Spain for a long time and for it to be “Montecristo”, a story that I have loved since I was a child, it is a particularly significant experience for me”, he pointed out through the producer Levy, who is also the producer series executive with his company William Levy Entertainment.

Directed by Alberto Ruiz-Rojo and created by Lidia Fraga and Jacobo Díaz, this modern adaptation of the classic will carry out the recordings in different locations in Madrid and the Canary Islands.

Levy gives life to Alejandro Montecristo (transcription of Edmundo Dantés), founder and executive director of a successful technology company, he is the tragic antihero who fights against the established system, an enigmatic figure who bursts into the public eye and generates the suspicion of a elite that does not know the origin of its fortune and past.

The Count of Monte Cristo

The adaptation to the current universe of the classic by Alexandre Dumas presents a vigilante avenger, outside society and the law, who faces the powerful with their own weapons, and with the same lack of scruples.

Levy’s character symbolizes modernity against tradition and decadence, represented by his enemies, members of the traditional Spanish economic, political and social elite.

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Among them, Fernando Mondego, who is played by the Spanish actor Roberto Enríquez, an unscrupulous businessman who covets the company of the man of the moment.

Fernando will not be the only enemy of the protagonist. Cristóbal Herrera (Juan Fernández), a ruthless and corrupt Spanish diplomat, founder of the conservative Liberal Action party, will be a real nightmare for Alejandro.

At his side, Helena Vilaforte (Itziar Atienza), an ambitious political candidate.

William Levy shoots his modern version of the Count of Monte Cristo in Madrid
William Levy shoots his modern version of the Count of Monte Cristo in Madrid

In this story, there are more victims- Mercedes Herrera (Silvia Abascal), Fernando’s wife, and Alba Mondego (Guiomar Puerta), their rebellious and passionate daughter.

Among the protagonist’s allies are Haydée (Esmeralda Pimentel), development director of the start up, and Salvador Faría (Héctor Noas), friend and mentor.

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