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SSanto Domingo.-The president of the Duartiano Institute described as infamous that they dare to say that in the country there is unequal treatment for people because of the color of their skin.

He also regretted that the United States embassy makes common cause with the country’s detractors who try to pressure the national authorities so that they do not comply with their right to repatriate undocumented foreigners.

Wilson Gómez Ramírez expressed that there are many Dominicans who are detained and subjected to intense interrogations in North American airports and ports, and that practice is seen by all as an exercise of a right by the United States authorities.

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“Although it is not the case, the Dominican Republic would be doing a correct and legitimate action if it did the same thing, which is why every other State must avoid violating the principle of non-intervention in internal affairs and, consequently, refrain from doing misguided and unnecessary criticism.

The president of the Duartiano Institute intervened this Monday in a meeting held at the Museum and House of Duarte, headquarters of the organization, located in the Colonial Zone, which was attended by directors and representatives of other civic organizations.

Wilson Gómez- “It is infamous to prevent the DR from fulfilling its duty to repatriate”-2

He specified that when the North American immigration authorities put into practice “ropes typical of the dairy farm or throwing nooses against Haitian citizens on its border with Mexico,” the Dominican Republic refrained from issuing judgment on their lamentable and unworthy action, simply out of respect for the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of another country.

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