In order to reduce contact between students and the circulation of respiratory viruses that affect boys and girls, the government decided to bring forward and extend the winter holidays.

However, the ministry indicated that the decision must be one of many measures aimed at containing the situation.

Who will be able to opt for telecommuting during the winter holidays?

After the announcement of government that contemplates advancing the calendar of winter vacations in the country’s educational establishments as a result of the increase in respiratory viruses. And as a result of the different situations that the decision could generate.

The Labor Directorate announced the issuance of an opinion that will allow the option of teleworking for those fathers and mothers who need to take permanent care of their children.

Agency One

According to the document of the provision of Law 21,391, the employer must offer the worker the personal care of a boy or girl under 12 years of age or in the preschool stage.

And that the remote work modality, better known as telecommuting, be affected by the situation.

People who opt for telecommuting through this point must prove their situation by means of an affidavit. Where it is indicated that the care “is exercised without the help or with the concurrence of another adult person”.

The rule of the Labor Directorate modifies the Labor Code also applies to guardians and those who are caregivers of people with disabilities.

In the case of caregivers of people with disabilities, the National Disability Registry will be used to prove said situation.

This is the update of the opinion issued in 2020 as a result of the strong advance of Covid-19 in the country.

It should be remembered that the winter vacation period was brought forward to June 30 and will end on July 25.

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