The Farm 2022: Deolane explains why she never parted ways with MC Kevin

Last Sunday (20), the fitness muse Juju Salimeni heated up the mood on the networks after sharing a new click.

The famous went topless and squandered her body in shape, wearing only transparent tights and high-heeled sandals.



THE ex panicat he even made a face for the click, which is part of another one of his photo shoots.

In this ocasion, juju she still hid her breasts with her arm and the followers left a shower of praise for the muse. “Perfection”, “Musa Maravilhosa”, “Perfect”, “Beautiful” and “Wow, what a woman”, were some of them.

first million

Recently, the fitness muse gave an interview to Spectacular Sunday, in which he talked about the first million conquered.

“My work today is all on the internet, as an influencer. If reaching a million is being a millionaire, yes, I am a millionaire. I already made my first millionrevealed.

“My family has always been from the lower middle class, my mother and father worked to pay the bills and we always rented. I built this all by myself.” said yet. “I didn’t want to be famous, it never crossed my mind”completed.


Still in the interview, the famous spoke about the time that he struggled with depression.

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“I always say that the problems of a public person’s life he suffers twice, inside his house and publicly. It already hurt me a lot. I was seen hanging out at a party and articles came out, ‘wow, she said she was depressed’. I had to explain that she was trying to distract me and live”, justified.

“I stopped meeting schedules, contracts, lost contracts for not fulfilling what had to be done. My work has always been very tense and at one point it exploded into physical symptoms. I arrived at a time when I had to sleep with socks on my hands because they scratched me all over. He didn’t keep to the schedule, he didn’t have the energy for anything. There were situations where I was in a parade and photographers noticed that I had hurt very badly”he recalled.

Depression, according to the brunette, also contributed to her hair loss.

“During the depression phase, I had a very big fall and lost a lot, the entire top part of my hair. I always show how I disguised it, with stretching, hanging hair, props, hats, sash. I did the treatment and also the reduction of stress and depression stopped the fall”, told, revealing details of his personal life.

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