Bryan Cranston in Your Honor Season 2

Anyone who loves Breaking Bad has devoured Your Honor. In the thriller series, Bryan Cranston once again delved into deep moral abysses as a righteous citizen. The second season is set to be released soon. but then that’s the end of it.

Bryan Cranston’s character is devastated in Your Honor Season 2

As Cranston did some time ago in the Armchair Expert Podcast reveals the miniseries will end after two seasons. Before it gets really tricky for the character of the Breaking Bad star. Warning, spoilers!

Bryan Cranston in Your Honor Season 2

After the Season 1 finale, ex-Judge Michael Desiato (Cranston) has hit rock bottom. All his immoral ambition in protecting his son ended up giving him only pain. In order to restore his reputation, he is now tasked with helping federal judge Delgado (Rosie Perez) put a stop to mob boss Jimmy Baxter (Michael Stuhlbarg).

When is Your Honor season 2 coming with Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston?

Your Honor season 2 is scheduled to start streaming on US broadcaster Showtime on January 13th and appear on regular TV on January 15th. There is no German start date yet. We calculate based on the first season in this country February 2022 with the new episodes on WOW.

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Are you looking forward to Your Honor Season 2?

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