Jay Leno

Jay Leno, the renowned American television entertainer, reappeared in public after his serious accident. It should be remembered that he suffered severe burns after his car caught fire, which meant he was rushed to hospital.

According to the first reports, the entertainer suffered severe burns on his face and hand. Now, you can see the aftermath of thiswith the shocked television face in his first public appearance in more than a week.

Jay Leno’s serious accident

More than a week ago, it was reported that Jay Leno suffered a tough car accident that left him with severe burns on his body. As reported PageSix, when his car caught fire, burning the left side of his face and hand.

Fortunately, the flames did not reach his eyes and his recovery was not that difficult. “I had serious burns from a gasoline fire. I’m fine. I only need a week or two to return”noted the lively American.

Jay Leno

As anticipated, Jay Leno returned to public life and made his first appearance after the worrying accident. In the photos, the entertainer can be seen smiling, albeit with serious scars on his face and left handwhich worried some of his fans.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the entertainer is already much better and his full recovery forecast is very positive. Thus, she pointed out that she is preparing to spend the holidays with her family and put this unfortunate incident behind us.

Jay Leno

After all, there have been multiple accidents in Hollywood this year that ended with tragic outcomes. Such was the case of the actress Anne Heche, who died after a car crash and spent days in recovery.

Something similar happened to the also actor and comedian, Leslie Jordan, who sadly passed away after crashing her car in Los Angeles.

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