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The death this November three of the paratrooper Major General ® FARD Miguel Salvador Lluberes Montás (Chinino), 90 years old, heart attack, should not allow the judiciary to die leading and forceful final investigations related to the crime of journalist Orlando Martínez Howley, which occurred on March 17, 1975, José Contreras avenue, campus UASD.

For the murder of Orlando Martínez, 20-year-old ERD general Joaquín Pou Castro (Ñoñó), a great shooter, never fired, died in house arrest, action assumed by Alfredo Lluberes Ricart (Lluberito), expert shooter, assimilated FARD, fired two shots at Orlando, one impacted the left arm, the second left cheek cheekbone, fatal.

Colonel FARD Isidoro Martínez Fernández (La Caja), head of the operation, and Colonel Joaquín Pou Castro was the driver of the vehicle that deliberately collided with the rear bumper of the Orlando vehicle, sentenced to 20 years in prison. Isidoro Martínez died of health complications during the trial. Luis Emilio de la Rosa, sentenced for five years.

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The attack where Orlando perished was conceived and ordered by Chinino, with the purpose of beating him intimidating, not murdering him, when Colonel Pou Castro collided with Orlando’s vehicle, he stopped, picking up a 38-caliber revolver from the ground of the vehicle , ceded to Orlando by ERD General Neit Nivar Seijas, and when he got out of the vehicle, gun in hand, his fatal mistake, Lluberito hit twice, killing him instantly.

Lluberito was able to order Orlando to lower his weapon, throw it to the ground, but he opted for the worst, assassinating the valuable communicator, director of the magazine Ahora and author of the daily column Microscopio in El Nacional, which with En un tris by Gregorio García Castro daily in Última Now, they were then the columns most sought after by readers.

On February 25, Orlando published an article in El Nacional: Why not, Dr. Balaguer?, suggesting that the president take a plane and leave the country forever. Orlando was assassinated 38 days later, March 17.

Article marked its end. Balaguer governed the country for 13 years, after that letter, with the authoritarian drift of a perfect soft dictator (1966-1978), modified for ten more years (1986-1996).

On March 27, 2019, I wrote an article for El Nacional reiterating Chinino did not order Orlando to be eliminated, only to impress him and intimidate him with a beating, there was no evidence of the Animus Necandi, intent to kill, as Franklyn Báez Brugal recalled with great affection.

Chinio never kept prison, using tricks health, prostate cancer, high blood pressure, unjustifiable not to attend trial, and suspicious protection judges, macula judiciary.

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The correct procedure of the Supreme Court of Justice consists in reopening the Orlando crime processes and the suspended one of Gregorio García Castro, condemning intellectual authors in absentia, so that the truth shines, based on the legal concept that crimes never prescribe, diminishing the discredit of the judiciary.

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