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Presenter, actor, playwright and comedian Jô Soares passed away today, Friday, August 5, 2022. The death took place in the early hours of the morning and the cause was not disclosed. A great name in television, the carioca has marked programs, broadcasters and also left his name registered in films, books and plays. With relationships that have received media spotlight and some marriages over the years, among the wives of Jô Soares, stands out Flávia Junqueira Pedras, who marked the last time the famous went to the altar.

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Ex-wife Flávia Pedras was the one who announced death

The “most recent” among Jô Soares’ wives, graphic designer Flávia Junqueira Pedras was married to the famous man for over 10 years. The two walked down the aisle in 1987 and divorced in 1998.

Despite the split, the pair remained friends. It was even Flávia who announced the death of her ex-husband on Instagram. The designer published a photo of the presenter on Instagram, revealed that he had died a few minutes ago and wrote in a tribute text in which she thanked the partnership, laughter and good times she had with the carioca.

wives of jo soares
Flavia Pedras was one of Jô Soares’ wives and revealed the famous’s death on social media – photo: reproduction/globo/instagram/@flavia_pedras

Sílvia Bandeira was one of the wives of Jô Soares

Before his relationship with Flávia Junqueira Pedra, Jô Soares was married to actress, producer and writer Sílvia Bandeira. A muse of the 70s, Silvia has been away from the small screen since 2016, when she acted in the soap opera Sol Nascente, but starred in a musical inspired by Charles Aznavour in 2021 on the theater stages.

Silvia was one of Jô Soares’ wives between the 1980s and 1983. In an interview with O Globo, in 2021, the actress said that it was she who ended the relationship. She said the two kept in touch but didn’t become close after the split.

Actress separated from the actor in a few years – photo: reproduction/globo

Therezinha Milet Austregesilo was first wife

Actress Therezinha Milet Austregesilo – also known by the spelling Teresa Austregésilo – was the first among Jô Soares’ wives and was the famous’s biggest marriage. The two made the union official in 1959 and were together for 20 years, until 1979. The famous died just over a year ago, at the age of 87. She passed away in March 2021, due to heart complications mitigated by Covid-19.

It was with Therezinha Milet Austregesilo that Jô Soares had his first and only child, Rafael Soares. The heir was born in 1964 and was high-profile autistic. Jô kept his personal life private, but despite his discretion, he never hid his son’s condition. In October 2014, Rafael passed away at the age of 50, after battling a diagnosed brain cancer.

first wife
The actress was the first among the wives of Jô Soares and the mother of her only child – photo: reproduction/personal archive

Was Claudia Raia one of Jô Soares’ wives?

Despite being the most famous relationship of the famous, Claudia Raia was never one of the wives of Jô Soares. The couple had a relationship in the 1980s, but never got to go down the aisle to make their union official. Claudia told in an interview with the Téte a Theo channel, in February 2022, that the two got close behind the scenes of the Viva o Gordo program.

Now 55 years old, Claudia Raia was almost 30 years old for the presenter, who died at 84. Claudia said that the situation was a little “bizarre”, since she was younger than her boyfriend’s son. , but who fell in love. Still in the interview, she also revealed that it was Jô who ended the relationship of about 2 years. “I felt really bad,” she said.

Another actress that Jô Soares also dated, but never married, was Mika Lins, with whom he was in the 2000s.

Claudia Raia and Jo Soares
Claudia Raia dated Jô Soares – photo: reproduction/globo

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