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Kyra Graciewho is a woman Malvino Salvador and five-time Jiu-Jitsu world champion, took advantage of the sunny and hot weekend to go to the beach with her family.

wearing a red bikinithe fighter flaunted her body while having fun with her husband and daughters in Barra Da Tijuca, located in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. They are the parents of Ayra, Rayan and Kyara.



While the 46-year-old heartthrob was all the time shirtless and in black swimming trunks, showing off his muscular body, Kyra Gracie wore the beachwear piece just to renew her tan.

When playing with the daughters in the sand, She wore an outfit consisting of a shirt and shorts. At another point, she was seen wearing a colorful top.

Check out some pictures of Kyra Gracie and Malvino Salvador on the beach:

Malvino Salvador away from the TV

Malvino Salvador has been away from TV since 2019, when he played Agno in ‘A Dona do Pedaço’. Nonetheless, this does not mean that the actor is out of work.

While not returning to soap operas, the famous has been dedicated to Jiu-Jitsu and Self Defense gym he opened with his wife, Kyra Gracieand also to society in a hair transplant clinic.

“Since the end of the soap opera, I have been dedicated to my business. I have a Jiu-Jitsu and Self Defense gym with my wife, Kyra Gracie, who is Gracie Kore. I have a partnership in a clinic specialized in hair transplantation, Mais Cabello.”he explained andn interview with Contigo magazine.

The actor also commented on what his next professional projects are. Please note that, in 2020, the famous did not have a fixed contract renewed with TV Globobut can work by works.

🇧🇷[Meu ciclo] not closed, no! I love doing soap operas. I’m very proud of my entire career on TV and I’m very affectionate and grateful for everyone who welcomed me and contributed to my growth. I made great friends and always maintained a great relationship with my co-workers.”he stated.

The actor pointed out that intends to continue acting in telenovelasbut who today sees the opportunity to be in other projects besides TV.

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“It would be difficult to list my favorite telenovela, as each one of them brought me challenges and achievements. But I want to do so much more!” declared. “Today I have the opportunity to participate in projects on other channels and also return to work on Globo. This is very positive. Soon it will be possible to return to acting”, said the artist.

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