World Cup 2022: no boycott and record audience for the first match of the Blues

Despite numerous calls for a boycott, the first match of the France team was a success on TF1.

This Tuesday, November 22, 2022, the Blues played their first world cup game in Qatar. This international competition with various controversies makes the channels feverish. But the results are good! This Wednesday morning, Médiamétrie published the hearings. Despite boycott calls, the match was watched live by 12.53 million football fans. The market share for the general public aged four and over is 48.1% (and 53.1% for housewives over 50).

This is the best audience of the year 2022, so far held by the series HPI. A score equal to that recorded by the first match of the France team – already against Australia – during the 2018 edition, which was then followed by 12.59 million viewers. Following the broadcast of the match, the Magpresented by Denis Brogniart also has very good results: 3.69 million people attended, or 21.3% audience share. Same observation for the second issue of Late with Alain Chabat. If some might think that the ratings would not be there, the program still appeals as much.

Audiences are good

With 1.56 million viewers or 15.8% market share, the new talk show is progressing. Good news for TF1, which is seeing its audiences soar, and this, even with the call for a boycott from many celebrities, such as Eric Cantona : “I will not watch a single match of this World Cup. (…) Already, because Qatar is not a football country! No fervor, no flavor. An ecological aberration, with all these air-conditioned stadiums. .. what madness, what stupidity! But above all, above all, a human horror… how many thousands of deaths, to build these stadiums, for in the end what, amuse the gallery for two months… and everyone doesn’t care fucks… The very caricature of what man is capable of carrying in him as extreme filth!”he explains.

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