wwe star mandy rose shares video clip on her instagram
Wrestling star Mandy Rose continues to wow fans with her stylish outfits on NXT. Pic credit: @mandysacs/Instagram

WWE superstar Mandy Rose offers a way to become part of the attraction as she and her NXT allies recently starred in several promotional images and videos.

The trio known as Toxic Attraction looked incredible as they rocked their branded t-shirts, with their midsections visible due to them tying the shirts to make them crop top style.


The WWE NXT Women’s Champion stood out in a pair of shiny red leather pants as she sizzled in a promotional video captured below.

Rose wore a pair of chunky black shoes or boots with her leather pants and vintage-style Toxic Attraction shirt, as shown in another video below with Britney Spears’ Toxic playing.

In both videos, the NXT star’s straight blonde hair is parted in the middle and flowing to the sides, with Rose also rocking dark eyeliner, lashes, and pink lipstick.

“Wanna be a part of the attraction?” she asks in the promo clip’s start before the camera moves over to show Jacy Jayne, who asks, “Like what you see?”

Next up, the camera moves over to Rose’s other side, where Gigi Dolin is seated.

“Just in time for Black Friday and Christmas. Get yours right now by clicking that link, baby,” Gigi says with a kiss as Rose adds, “Ooh yeah,” and the video ends.

Toxic Attraction appeared in NXT segment

This past week’s episode of WWE NXT set the stage for another match at the upcoming Deadline event. Rose and Toxic Attraction were in the ring, with the NXT Women’s Champion boasting of her success as one of the longest-reigning champs.

Jacy and Gigi began talking about the NXT Women’s Tag Team titles they’d previously held twice. That prompted the current tag team champs, Katana Chance and Kayden Carter, to enter the arena and interrupt the segment.

Once Chance and Carter got into the ring, a brawl broke out, but they were outnumbered. Rose, Gigi, and Jacy took down the tag champs before posing over them to end the in-ring segment.

The above incident will likely set up a match involving Toxic Attraction versus Carter and Chance for the tag team titles at WWE NXT Deadline on December 10. As of this report, a match hasn’t been officially announced.

Rose doesn’t have a match at the event yet, although there is an Iron Survivor Challenge to determine the No. 1 contender for her championship. Participants have yet to be revealed for that match.

Rose is known for her own ventures, including a line of skincare products, an online fitness training program, and Damandyz Donutz with friend Sonya Deville. She also represents WWE NXT and Toxic Attraction, promoting their merchandise items from WWE Shop.

In their various video clips and the recent NXT appearance, Toxic Attraction’s members are wearing their “We Are The Attraction” t-shirts, currently available at WWE Shop online, where they’re listed as a “Special Event Item.”

The black shirt features a black-and-white photo featuring the group’s three members on the front, similar to vintage rock group t-shirts. The words “We Are The” are written above the trio in red letters, with “Attraction” written in red below the group photo.

A red Toxic Attraction name and logo are on the back of the shirts near the collar area to drive home the theme. The shirts sell for $29.99 and range in size from small to 5XL, with a ship date of no later than December 23.

Along with those shirts, there are other items available for the group. They include additional short and long-sleeve shirts with “Beast and the Beauty” on them, a Toxic Attraction baseball cap, and photo plaques featuring Rose.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA. NXT Deadline arrives on Saturday, December 10, on Peacock.

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