Xand Avião's wife wears an attractive piece at leisure

With more than 2.7 million followers on Instagram, Isabele Temoteosinger’s wife Xand Plane, has been very successful on social media as a digital influencer. In her profile, the 39-year-old girl usually publishes content related to fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle and family.

Recently, for example, Isabele posted records of a trip to Praia da Taíba, on the coast of Ceará. In the photos, the influencer appears wearing an attractive piece that It further highlighted her fit body and defined curves.

In the first images, the cat appears all full making faces and mouths in front of the mirror and with a bandana on his head. Then, she posted another click, this time next to her husband, Xand Avião. In the records, the two appear in a pool with a privileged view of the sea. Finally, Isabele shared a photo in which she appears eating and having a drink, lavishing beauty and a lot of sympathy.

In all publications, Xand Avião’s wife was highly praised by fans and friends who accompany her on the social network. “What a beautiful woman”, “That smile is everything to me”, “Too wonderful”, “What a luxury people, I loved it”, “You are beautiful Isa”, “Perfect”, “Slaying as always, I loved the photos”were some reactions.

Xand Avio honors his wife

On April 15th of this year, Isabele Temoteo turned 39 years old and won a special tribute from her husband, singer Xand Avião. On Instagram, the artist posted photos alongside his beloved and in the caption, he declared:

“As the lyrics of the song say: ‘I don’t know how to write beautiful things, like the ones you write and say to me’. I just know that every day, when I wake up and when I go to bed, I thank God for being able to live by his side and see the woman he has become. A unique mother. A wife who guides me and cheers for our success. The friend who always sees everyone well. I only ask God for health and time to be able to enjoy for a long time this magic that is living by your side. I am the commander and I live in the heights, but you are the one who lifts me up, you make me fly. Happy birthday, I love you my beautiful nega”wrote the forró singer.

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