Xuxa detonates homophobic believers and shoots: “All my repudiation”

Without mincing words, the presenter Xuxa was one of the celebrities who was shocked by the gospel singer’s homophobic statements, Bruna Karla. According to the blonde, what she said was absurd and totally unjustifiable.

“I wanted to leave my repudiation and contempt for any type of discrimination, prejudice and homophobia that may exist in the world, in the name of God. The bible has already undergone some changes that only make me sure that what Jesus really said is: “love your neighbor as yourself. If God is love… where is love in the words of these people in the video? If God is the way, where does the hatred these people preach lead?”, she highlighted.

Continuing the homophobic outburst made by the religious in the podcast of Karina Bacchi, Xuxa advised fans not to confuse Jesus with prejudice.

“Don’t confuse homophobic speech with the Gospel. One sickens the soul, the other heals. One segregates, the other welcomes. One pushes into the abyss, the other rescues. One feeds back the cycle of hate, violence, bullying, the other promotes empathy. One encourages hypocrisy, the other authenticity. One sees perversion where there is love, the other fights perversity in the name of religion. One invents guilt, the other promotes acceptance. One threatens with hell, with eternal death, the other presents an eternal love that can never be extinguished”, he said.


It is worth noting that Xuxa refers to the statements of Bruna Karla, who last week said he would never sing at his friend’s same-sex wedding. In the chat, the nun also stated that she would only go to the ceremony if he married a woman.

“There was a friend who asked me: ‘Bruna, when I get married will you come to my wedding?’ I looked at him, I was very sincere and said: ‘ah, when you marry a beautiful woman and full of God’s power, I will.’ I’m talking about a friend, a homosexual, that we have this freedom, and I said that the day I accept to sing at a wedding with another man, I can stop singing about the Bible and about Jesus”, he said.

“So to my friends, my dear gay listeners, what God has for your life is deliverance, what God has for your life is something he dreamed of for you. Receive all my love, my respect, because Jesus didn’t dream this for you. I said this to my friend: ‘friend, God didn’t dream this for you’. I get emotional, if people understood that it’s eternal death, it’s hell,” she concluded.

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