Young dancers and choreographers from Junior Company present themselves confidently

At the Junior Company of Dutch National Ballet Is it often already enjoying the eagerness of the newly graduated ballet dancers, but during the program Shooting Stars they are really bursting with joy. Due to corona, their entry into the professional dance world had to be suspended for two years, except for some projects and videos. Now they can again. A smile from ear to ear cannot be wiped off the face of some people throughout the performance.

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In Bloom by dancer/choreographer Milena Sidorova, the cheerful and energetic expression of the adolescent dancers fits perfectly. The piece for ten dancers in jeans and loose shirts is partly set to the rhythmic Circle songs by Bobby McFerrin (best known for ‘Don’t worry be happy’). In various formations, the dancers follow the accents of voice virtuoso McFerrin, with sudden glances, a crack in the arm or leg, triple steps on the pointe. And while the length of the songs gets in the way of Sidorova a bit over time, the piece holds up with ease thanks to the infectious fun of the dancers.

Breakdance influences

In The sublimeness of nobody Marta Reig Torres, former dancer with Dutch National Ballet, leads four dancers through a strong, flowing sequence of sculptural poses, curved torso, gracefully swaying hips and viciously swaying legs. Here and there influences from breakdance and the style of Hans van Manen can be recognized. With their looser, but confident style, Luca Abdel-Nour and Guillermo Torrijos steal the show.

In the futurean indestructible work by Hans van Manen.
Photo Altin Kaftira

Abdel-Nour and Mila Micolussi Caviglia also attract attention If only I knew the right way† The piece for five dancers is remarkable for the age of choreographer Zoë Greten alone: ​​nineteen years old. Greten smoothly alternates classic steps with striking and undulating movements. The piece, as short as it is, shows self-confidence and talent. Peter Leung, former HNB dancer, created the double duet (Pas de deux), starting with two men and then repeated by a mixed duo. Trust, intimacy and conflict take shape in many circling and spiraling movements.

Uitsmijter is an indestructible work by Hans van Manen. That In the future with its crystal-clear choreography and music by David Byrne, it is ideally suited for young dancers, but this does not alter the fact that it is brilliantly put together and is costumed (Keso Dekker), with leotards that are bright green at the front and signal red at the back. Since 1986, it has been pure pleasure when its visual effect is optimally exploited at the very last.

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