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The story of Zefa soap opera Pantanal still has some twists and turns before the maid actually stays with Tadeu. The girl will be in the sights of Renato, who will try to win her over when she returns to Tenório’s farm.

What about Zefa soap opera Pantanal?

In the first version of the soap opera, shown in 1990, Zefa, played by Giovanna Gold at the time, returned to the villain’s farm after asking Zuleica (Rosamaria Murtinho/Aline Borges) for a job. The villain’s second wife welcomed the maid warmly and she returned to her old job.

Tadeu (Marcos Palmeira/José Loreto) received the news that his beloved had returned to Tenório’s farm through Juma (Cristiana Oliveira/Alanis Guillen) and was furious with the girl, as was Filó (Jussara Freire/Dira Paes), who is unsatisfied.

Who is relieved with Zefa’s return is Zuleica, who no longer has to take care of the household chores alone. However, the maid began to be harassed by Renato (Eduardo Piccolo/Gabriel Santana), which gave her uncomfortable situations.

As soon as the girl arrives at the house, Tenório’s middle son does not hide his interest in the pantaneira. In one of the scenes, Zefa sweeps the house while Renato sneaks in from behind and grabs the maid, who screams for help. “Get out! Get out of here!” she says.

The Catholic is saved by Guta (Luciene Adami/Julia Dalavia) who arrives just in time. “What is it? What is happening here?”, asks the young woman. “It’s him, Miss Guta. He keeps bothering me”, replies Zefa, pointing to Renato. Then, the nun says that she can’t stand the boy’s approaches anymore and that she leaves the farm.

Renato still plotted Tadeu’s death in order to have a clear path to conquer Zefa, but the girl discovered the plan and ran to tell José Leôncio’s family.


It is not yet known how the relationship between Renato and Zefa will be in the remake being shown on Globo, but it will happen. In scenes scheduled to air on Friday, August 19, Muda (Bella Campos) will notice that the boy has an invasive attitude towards the maid, who will not object at first. Even Tadeu will find his beloved’s posture strange.

In an interview with the DCI in July this year, actor Gabriel Santana delivered that his character will provoke the anger of viewers in the next chapters. “I think the public will intensify the hatred they already have for Renato. Social networks in general don’t like him for treating Dona Maria badly and having that sexist and misogynist side that his father already has. I think it’s going to increase with the relationship he’s going to have with Zefa and the plots he’s going to want to be on his father’s side,” he said.

Zefa soap opera pantanal (giovanna gold) is harassed by renato (eduardo piccolo) – photo: reproduction/tv headline

Zefa Pantanal ends the soap opera with whom?

Zefa ends the telenovela alongside Tadeu – that’s what happened in the first version of the telenovela. The two are married in a ceremony held in the last chapter of the serial.

Nervous, Zé Leôncio’s son considers running away from the wedding, but Jove (Marcos Winter/Jesuíta Barbosa) says that if he doesn’t marry Zefa, they will take him down the aisle ‘in the loop’.

The ceremony begins. Filó and José Leôncio go to the altar, as do Tadeu and Zefa. It is then that the priest makes a surprise summons: I ask that Marcelo and Guta come here. The boy asks, “What is this?” “Go to the altar, both of you. It’s all agreed with the priest”, replies Zuleica. The priest blesses the three couples, who kiss.

Tadeu and Zefa continue to live on José Leôncio’s farm. Renato, on the other hand, will remain at Tenório’s house alongside his mother and brothers.

Zefa and Thaddeus 1990
Tadeu and zefa, played by marcos palm and giovanna gold in the first version, get married – photo: reproduction/tv headline

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