Pregnant Zendaya

The so-called fake news or fake news They are something usual in social networks. And although some figures choose not to deny any rumor that is invented about them, others like Zendaya, decide to raise their voices against the lies that arise, since they wanted to address a video where it is stated that she would be pregnant.

Is Zendaya pregnant by her boyfriend, Tom Holland?

Zendaya wanted to address the rumors that she is pregnant with her current boyfriend Tom Holland’s baby. This after multiple fans were misled by a recent prank that came from a TikTok video.

“Look, that’s why i stay off twitter”. He wrote the actress in a instagram story Wednesday June 15after his name became an online trend due to these pregnancy rumors.

They just make stuff up for no reason… on a weekly basis”. she added.

Instagram: @zendaya

Meanwhile, TIkTok records, which are now viral and were created by fans, present a edited fake ultrasound. This in order to make it look like it was posted by Euphoria’s star, which then shows a video of the mother of the Kardashians, Kris Jenner. dancing the song Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera.

The trend in question is known as krissed. In which viewers are enticed to create a fake story regarding any celebrity.

And because Zendaya’s Twitter followers weren’t fully aware of the prank, they stayed perplexed when it started to trend.

Recently, the actress revealed the reasons why she decided walk away from his music career to pursue acting. Declarations that you can know here.

Check out the TikTok video regarding Zendaya’s alleged pregnancy below:

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