Zezé Di Camargo took action upon learning of Wanessa's separation

The singer’s fans Vanessa Camargo were surprised this week with the announcement of their separation from the businessman Marcos Buaiz. The decision was revealed on social media and ended up generating a strong backlash. Who also spoke on the subject was Graciele Lacerdasinger’s bride Zezé Di CamargoVanessa’s father.

Much questioned by fans on their social networks about the topic, the digital influencer explained that the partner of Lucian in the sertanejo world, she made the decision to go and console her daughter after she learned of her separation from her then husband. “The mô went there to talk to Wanessa. Went there to stay with her a little bit, and we’re going to enjoy”, said Graciele.

Zilu Godói left a message

Mother of Vanessa Camargo, Zilu Godoi used social media to leave a message that intrigued his fans. Although she did not mention the names of her daughter or Marcos Buaiz, ​​Zezé’s ex spoke about “accepting God’s plans”.

When our plans are not the same as God’s plans, there is nothing we can do.! He alone knows and determines all things. If you really want your plans to be fulfilled, renounce yourself… give up your desires, your self, your ego… and accept God’s plans for your life! A blessed week and full of God’s best plans!”, he wrote.

The separation announcement

It was in a post shared on Instagram that Wanessa Camargo and Marcos Buaiz announced their separation. In the post, which appears on the profiles of both, they say that, on behalf of their children, they will continue as a family.

After 17 years together, a relationship based on love, mutual respect and happiness, we announce that we are no longer a couple.. After much thought, we have peacefully decided to end our marital relationship. Alongside our amazing children, whom we love unconditionally, we will continue to be a family, with the same values ​​and principles that have brought us together so far.

Several celebrities left affectionate messages for the two. “I wish you find happiness, always.” Didi Wagner, presenter of the Multishow channel. “God knows all things… May you always be happy!”, said the singer. Kelly Key.

See the statement by Wanessa Camargo and Marcos Buaiz:

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