Schnabl tried to interpret Kocher: So everything is “well prepared, the only difference to Germany is: you communicate worse?”

Kocher: “That’s a bit shortened, I think we don’t communicate that badly either.”

A communicator close to the ÖVP, Wolfgang Rosam, did not think much of optimism in the following article and predicted a bleak fate for the blacks like that of the Italian sister party if nothing fundamental changed. The Italian conservatives tore it apart in 1994. Rosam: “But what came after the Democrazia Cristiana? Twelve years of Berlusconi.”

Nobody really wants that.

Vegan Army

In the last post, wholesome, light summer food was then served up: the dispute raised by a vegan citizens’ initiative as to why there are no purely plant-based menus in the army.

A local inspection in a barracks showed that the soldiers with bulk preferred the Käsekrainer to the falafel on offer.

Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner referred to the National Nutrition Commission, according to which “vegan nutrition is not to be equated with a wholesome mixed diet. And I cannot and do not want to disregard that, because that is also a responsibility that one has to bear.”

The hope of the citizens’ initiative, however: “The time is ripe for a modern, vegan army.”

Celery instead of an assault rifle? Maybe that would be a cost-saving vision for a future world without wars.

The subsequent “ZiB 2” gave little hope for this. After all, the disarmament conference in Vienna is currently taking place without the presence of the nine nuclear powers.

The other topics were also difficult to digest: care reform, U-Committee, anti-Semitism scandal at the documenta art festival.

How do you get out of this midsummer number?

Rescue by surprise guest

One might think that only Peter Filzmaier can help. And moderator Martin Thür actually leaned back and looked under the moderation table. According to bad rumours, Filzmaier is said to be constantly ready for his many assignments.

But far from it: The saving studio guest that Thür brought out and presented was … a dachshund.

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