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Zuleica final in Pantanal has union with Maria Bruaca

final zuleica pantanal

Tenório’s second wife will move to the farm with their children

Zuleica (Aline Borges) is the second wife of Tenório (Murilo Benício) in the nine o’clock soap opera. Mother of three of the villain’s children, she lives in São Paulo with her family but will soon go to the Pantanal region with the boys, where Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira) lives. Zuleica’s ending in Pantanal will be surprising after she is widowed by the bastard.

What is the end of Zuleica in Pantanal?

The end of Zuleica in Pantanal will be managing Tenório’s business alongside Maria Bruaca after the villain’s death. Owner of a lot of land, it will be left for his two wives to take care of what he left.

Soon, Zuleica and her family will move to the Midwest region. Now that Maria Bruaca has discovered that Tenório has another wife and children, they no longer see any reason not to visit their father’s lands. It will be on this trip that Marcelo (Lucas Leto) will meet Guta (Julia Dalavia) again and discover that she is his half-sister.

Zuleica and the boys go to the villain’s farm where Bruaca and Gruta live, and they will bring more conflicts to the plot. However, Tenorio’s two wives will be united by the rascal’s death.

In the final stretch of the novel, he discovers that Bruaca has an affair with Alcides (Juliano Cazarré) and sets up a plan to destroy the pawn’s life. Furious, the crook breaks into the employee’s house, ties his hands and cuts the boy’s genitals. The scenes only show the cry of pain from Maria Bruaca’s lover, the woman’s frightened face, the villainous expression in Tenório’s eyes and a lot of blood. After the injuries improve, Alcides then realizes that the castration was unsuccessful.

Alcides won’t let the boss get away with it after trying to castrate him. The two meet for a final duel, in which the pawn kills Tenório, leaving Maria Bruaca and Zuleica widows.

Zuleica (Aline Borges) will take care of Tenório’s (Murilo Benício) business in the Pantanal – Photo: Rede Globo

Tenório’s son dies swallowed by anaconda

In the original version of the novel, Tenório and Zuleica go through a tragedy in the Pantanal. Roberto (Cauê Campos) dies in the first version of the plot – it is not yet known if the outcome will be maintained.

He is furious to discover that Marcelo and Guta are together – until then, they believe that the relationship is incestuous. Throughout the novel, a secret of Zuleica will be revealed that will leave her eldest son and Maria Bruaca’s daughter free to date.

Angry with his brother, Roberto leaves by boat in the Pantanal, but ends up being pulled by a giant anaconda and dies. His body is only found days later, much to the dismay of his parents.

What happens to Tenório’s family?

After Tenório’s death, Maria Bruaca is free to live her romance with Alcides. Zuleica is left alone at the end with her son Renato (Gabriel Santana).

Marcelo and Guta stay together after discovering that they are not half-brothers as they believed. Zefa (Paula Barbosa), housekeeper, stays with Tadeu (José Loreto), Guta’s ex-boyfriend.

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