True to form, he came to the content creator’s pop singer’s restaurant. There he arrived with a striking pink outfit and the runner-up medal won by his girlfriend Diana Celis in the women’s Copa Libertadores.

On your Instagram stories, Daneidy Barrera showed the videos that account for his stay at the restaurant, there he arrived in a colorful truck and, as soon as he got off, he made it clear that silver would not be a problem.

He sent a message to Pipe Good and her partner: “Pipe, Luisa, I’m not like them who come to say that this is expensive.

He then took out a wad of 50,000 peso bills and showed them to the camera, chicaneando. That image reminded the day he decided to drop money from a helicopter.

Above, when he saw the fountain that decorates the restaurant, he began to pour water on his head, without any shame.

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Once inside the premises, sand he danced with some of the restaurant employees, He posed with the artists who participate in the ‘shows’ of the place and was left to see himself having one or another beer.

He enjoyed the rancheras that sounded in Rancho MX and He even had time to grant photos to his followers. In the end, in the style of ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’, he closed the night with boots and a charro hat.

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