Epstein case: Prince Andrew will not be investigated for sexual abuse by British police |  The son of Queen Elizabeth II was accused of being part of the trafficking network of the American millionaire

British police I affirm that will not take any action against Prince Andrew after reviewing the allegations of sexual assault based in the United States. The third child of Queen Elizabeth II is accused of being part of the trafficking network of people linked to American financier Jeffrey Epstein. The prince was excluded from the public activities of the monarchy.

“As a matter of procedure, agents of the metropolitan police examined a document released in August 2021 as part of a U.S. civil action“Scotland Yard said in a statement late Sunday. “This review has been completed and we will not take any further action.”He added, specifying that he will continue to collaborate with other agencies in the framework of the investigation.

The complaint against Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew was denounced in August in front of a Manhattan court by an American woman, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, 38 years old. “This is not a sordid sex story, it is a human trafficking story,” he said in an interview with the BBC.

Roberts Giuffre said that in 2001 Epstein and his partner, Ghislain Maxwell – whom the complainants point to as an accomplice and recruiter of the millionaire– they forced her three times to have sex with the queen’s son. By then she was 17 years old.

The British police also confirmed that they had concluded the examination of the charges of trafficking in women and minors against Maxwell and decided not to take further action against him.

The queen’s son “categorically” denied these allegations in an interview with the BBC in November 2019, in which he expressed neither regret for his friendship with Epstein nor empathy for his victims.

The American millionaire had been convicted of sexual abuse before committing suicide in jail in 2019.

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