Erasmo Viana talks about the return of Carnival and says: ‘It’s really time to celebrate’

Erasmo Viana is a party lover and, like a good Bahian, he would not miss out on Carnival in Salvador, which is back after a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Like many tourists and people from Salvador, the feeling of homesickness also enveloped the fitness muse.

“I miss you a lot and, because I am from Bahia too, we already know what Carnival is by heart. I’m going to be 38 years old, I must have been at Carnival for 25 years, living the experience both on the street and in a box”, he said.

In an interview with iBahia, Erasmo also stated: “Nowadays I prefer a quieter place, with more security, but I think the crowd is very expectant, after two years of the pandemic. I think it’s time to really celebrate. I’m really excited. First day, but the gas is on the moon”.

When questioned about what was going on with Carnival music, he pointed out: “There’s the Danger Zone and Ivete’s, which I didn’t know so much about, but ended up staying in my head. But I think Danger Zone is at the top.”

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