Ernesto Sanz, ironic about the FdT: "They can bring Caruso Lombardi to save them from relegation"

Ernesto Sanz, the former senator for radicalism and one of the founders of Cambiemos, spoke last Tuesday about the Government electoral strategy facing November 14 and ruled out that it could reverse the result of the PASO, as well as assured that “inside they will be worse.”

“Do you think that a (Antoni) Gutiérrez Rubí, a (Juan) Manzur, an Aníbal FernándezCan you reverse this structural crisis in a month and a half? Bring (Ricardo) Caruso lombardi, who always call him when the teams are on the verge of knowing out and sometimes he saves them “, Sanz ironized in a footballing tone in reference to the changes made in the Cabinet, in dialogue with Nicolas Wiñazki, who leads the program W: See and Rever, by TN.

On this question, the former head of the UCR replied: “The truth is that no. Besides, it is underestimating the population, they give away refrigerators because they underestimate the people.” because it is where institutional coups collide, “he added.

Ernesto Sanz: “In the three elections that already took place this year, the government did badly”

In this context, the radical leader asserted that the ruling party will not be able to trace the result of the PASO, since “the errors are very serious, very rude, some of them are pathetic because they have a huge negative impact and because what is not changed is reality. “

“We are living such an unprecedented and special moment in Argentina, that Peronism has not experienced this instance either, where it has two years ahead of it and without an election to change the government, or money or external factor that can save it. Like Peronism never took charge of the problem, the uncertainty comes, “he analyzed.

“I never believed that Fernández was elected to the presidency”

On the other hand, when explaining the current political scenario, which Sanz described as “illogical”, he argued that “these things can happen when a person handpicks the candidate for president and the candidate for governor of the Province of Buenos Aires”, in clear reference to the vice president Cristina Kirchner.

In this sense, he assured that the real power of the management “was always in the same place, which is not precisely in the position of president”, and affirmed that the power “was, is and will be in the vice presidency”.

“I never believed that Alberto Fernandez he would have been elected to exercise the presidency of a presidential system like Argentina, where a president has the theoretical attributes, but also carries them out in practice, “he argued.

Ernesto Sanz: “The President is off-axis, his attitude has been surprising”

Macri or Rodríguez Larreta presidents

Upon completion, in view of the presidential candidates for the 2023 elections, the former legislator speculated on the possibility of a candidacy of the former president Mauricio Macri, which “is an important asset, like all former presidents, especially if they are rational, who provide reflection.” “Then there is speculation if you want to appear,” he clarified.

At this point, in addition to talking about possible radical candidates, without giving names, the Mendoza also spoke about the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, as one of the candidates for 2023, although he said that he may be one, “not the only one, of the potential candidates for president of Juntos por el Cambio.”


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