Euroleague: Granger gives Baskonia first Euroleague win

El Baskonia inaugurated his record of victories in Europe with an agonizing triumph against the Panathinaikos (81-79), in a game that experienced numerous alternatives. Although the basques went ahead for most of the night, enjoying an 11-point lead (49-38) after the break, the Greeks clung to the match tooth and nail reaching a tie in the last minute. An offensive rebound that ended up in Granger’s hands It ended up becoming two free throws that the charra did not forgive. Those of Ivanovic They were again very successful in the triple (13/30), dominated the rebound (38 to 22), and had the best Sedekerskis possible (15 points and 6 rebounds). Papapetrou, with 19 points of their 22 points scored in the second half, it was a nightmare for Baskonia.

Two baskets of Giedraitis and another from Nnoko in just a minute and a half they caused an urgent first timeout for Pfitris, with Baskonia 6-0. Macon Jr. served as a plunger from the perimeter to get the PAO into the match, although the Vitorians imposed their physical superiority on the rebound and found Fontecchio in attack to stay in command (15-10, min.8). With the rotations, the Greeks came out ahead thanks to the contribution of Perry, author of the last 7 points of his team to close the first period with the first visitor advantage (15-17).

With Baldwin y Enoch like stilettos, Ivanovic’s men quickly regained their breath and command. In the Panathinaikos Nedovic woke up, author of five consecutive points that prevented Pfitris’s men from hanging down (29-26, min. 16). Although the boards were still Barça in color, the Vitorians suffered a brief blackout from which the greens took advantage of several transitional baskets, several of them by Evans. The reaction came from Lithuania, with a Sedekerskis unleashed on both sides of the track. 8 points from the youth squad, of the 11 finals of his team -the other 3 were from Giedraitis- set the Buesa stands on fire and took the game to 40-35 at halftime.

A festival of triples in the resumption placed a double-digit advantage for the Vitoria players in the blink of an eye (49-38, min. 22). Again, Pfitris’s time-out took effect, Papapetrou taking the reins and exercising the role of leader of their own. His 7 points in a 2-11 run, in which the PAO opted for a “small” quintet again left the difference in one possession (51-49, min 25). Although Ivanovic left the game, Papapetrou continued to dominateor to each pair assigned to return the leadership to the Greek team (57-59, min 28). A triple on Marinkovic’s horn lit up the Buesa stands again to enter the last period with a 61-59 for Baskonia.

The scorer duel starring Granger and Sant-Roos in the first bars of the final chapter of the match, it served for the command to change hands in almost every possession (65-67, min. 33). A triple from Sedekerskis, followed by another from Fontecchio They started a 10-4 run that gave the Baskonians some peace of mind (75-71, min. 38). Panathinaikos, as he had repeated on previous occasions, did not break down and re-engaged in the game with two consecutive three-pointers from Macon Jr., who tied the game at 79 in the last minute. A split ball after a poor local attack ended up in the hands of a decisive Granger, who in addition to scoring the two decisive free throws, would end up preventing the best rival player, Papapetrou, from scoring the last triple on the horn.


Baskonia: Baldwin IV (7), Sedekerskis (15), Marinkovic (3), Granger (12), Fontecchio (16), Enoch (7), Costello (1), Giedratis (16), Nnoko (4), Kurucs (0).

Panathinaikos: Perry (9), Macon Jr. (13), Papagiannis (2), Papapetrou (22), Kaselakis (2), White (7), Floyd (2), Nedovic (5), Evans (8), Sant-Roos (9).

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