Photo of the press service of the group “Earthlings”

Only recently, the founding fathers of the legendary Soviet and Russian rock group “Earthlings” Igor Romanov and Vladimir Kiselev announced their reunion in the classic line-up, and today the information resources are full of content about the musicians.

Some recall the merits and demerits of the group, others fantasize about the future hits of the collective, and still others try to unravel the motives of Romanov and Kiselev for the revival of the composition. In other words, the discussion of “Earthlings” is in full swing.

But this is understandable. At one time, the rock group was one of the most popular groups on the Russian music scene. Milestones in her history – joint concerts with Vladimir Vysotsky, performances at the Pierre Cardin Theater in France and nominations in international competitions in Sopot and Dresden.

Only the records of the musicians left the shelves of record stores with a circulation of 20 million, not to mention the subsequent recordings on all kinds of media. All this makes the “Earthlings” a truly popular group, and there is more than enough evidence of this.

The author of the popular YouTube channel called Italians by Kuzno Productions decided to skim the cream off the burst of interest in “Earthlings”. This channel regularly publishes videos about how Europeans get acquainted with the peculiarities of Russian culture and share their impressions.

This time, the guests were offered to listen to four Russian songs: “Grass at Home” by the “Earthlings” group, “Winged Swing” and “Beautiful Far Away” by composer Yevgeny Krylatov and “Generals of Sand Quarries” performed by the “Accident” group.

The songs aroused the delight of the listeners, and the “Grass at the House” caused especially violent emotions among the Italian guests. One of those present recalled that he had already heard this melody in the Russian cartoon “Well, wait!” Others have noticed that the melody is romantic, but also has a “cool string solo” and “chic bass line”.

The Italians came to the conclusion that the text and music in the song “Earthlings” merge into a single whole. “I take off my hat to these performers,” one of the guests admitted. As a result, all those present agreed that the work of “Earthlings” is very sensual, deep and sincere, which makes it relevant today.

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