The couple took advantage of the premiere of their latest video to surprise their fans.

Camilo and Evaluna.

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© InstagramCamilo and Evaluna.

The singers Evaluna and Camilo They surprisingly confirmed to their fans that they will be parents for the first time, as they are currently in the middle of the sweet wait.

The announcement of the pregnancy of Ricardo Montaner’s daughter came from the launch of a new song called Indigo, through whose official video they made the revelation.

Of course, on Instagram they left instructions to their fans: “Record yourself when you see it for the first time and upload your reactions to reels and tiktok with #IndigoCamiloyEvaluna. We Love You”.

This evidently so that they would record in the purest way their reaction when they heard the news, this in accordance precisely with what the clip shows: the new parents and the entire family clan at the exact moment knew the arrival of the baby.

Evaluna’s pregnancy became an obligatory topic of discussion on social networks, rising among the trending topics of the day this Wednesday.

Meanwhile, in just four hours, the clip reached more than 2 million views on YouTube, especially because the ad was revitalized.

Check out the video of Indigo, the new song by a pregnant Evaluna and Camilo:

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