Even deleted, the Facebook and Instagram applications would keep our personal data for months

The majority of the applications that we use on our phones use our personal data, it is a proven fact. But the way in which our personal data is used is at the heart of the concerns of users today. For example, the VPN Overview cybersecurity experts recently conducted a study on the 10 most downloaded applications in 2021. The goal? Realize how much data each of them keeps and for how long.

At the end of this analysis, it emerges that Facebook is the most intrusive application when it comes to collecting our data. With 10 million downloads in the past year, the social network continues to store our data for 180 days, even after the app has been deleted. The same is true for Zoom and Google Meet.

For its part, Instagram, with its 16 million downloads, is the second most intrusive application in terms of collecting personal data. It keeps our data 90 days after it has been deleted. Finally, TikTok, with more than 22 million downloads, the most downloaded application, comes third in this ranking.

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