Di María with the trophy for the best player in the final.  EFE / Antonio Lacerda

It is known that the Selection lives a moment of total communion with the Argentine fan. That infatuation is evidenced in the long lines that are made every time the tickets have to be removed. Also in the applause and ovations during the games. And without a doubt the footballer who met the people the most and best was Ángel Di María. “It is a pride to be here and to be able to enjoy everything that we are going through. Every time I listen to the Fideo / Fideo I remember the month we spent in the Copa América and my heart explodes“, said the rosarino lefty in the official site of the AFA.

It is probable that Di María will return to the title against Peru: the place is debated with Nicolás González, who has performed well against Uruguay. Likewise, the PSG footballer is happy, enjoying the day to day and willing to add from where he touches. The group is getting stronger because the players who are summoned do not change much and that is important. The atmosphere that lives here is spectacular, he pointed. And I add: “Peru is going to be a screwed up rival, they have important forwards and we know they need to score points. We have to continue as we come and try to win to get to Qatar as soon as possible. Winning and putting on good exhibitions makes the group more and more firm“.

A theme will be recurring for Di María from here to eternity: his goal against Brazil at Maracana. And he did not hesitate Video in defining it. The goal of the Copa América final is the best thing that happened to me in my life, He says. Although it clarifies: “Hopefully one more important will come soon“. He also referred to the trophy won, which he defined as” that beauty. “The title means everything I’ve been looking for all these years. It is pure happiness for me and my family“, he blurted out.

What did you say about the goal Ederson scored for you? When the goalkeeper came out he already knew what he was going to do. I threw it over the top, which is my trademark. I get better than kicking hard, he pointed.

Finally, the Video He referred to the return of the public to the courts. “In Europe we had already relived it, but here it is different. We knew that people would come with the illusion of singing the “give him champion.” They made us live very nice things“, Hill.

Di María with the trophy for the best player in the final. EFE / Antonio Lacerda

Scaloni also spoke

“The euphoria of the people is fair and it is good. But we are the same as before. This euphoria is great, but we need to continue because at some point the line can twist. We believe that we have a balance and that we know how we want to play” said the Pujato-born, who did not confirm the training.

“It goes more or less in line with what we have been doing, with some tweaking that we can do. The tweaks are not for performance; they go for what we think the game with Peru needs,” explained the Albiceleste DT. The doubts go through the sides and to see if it includes Ángel Di María instead of Nicolás González.

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