“Every Time We Fell in Love”: Out now on Netflix

What is “In Love All Over Again” about?

September 2003: Irene (Georgina Amorós) arrives in Madrid with the desire to conquer the world and become a director. There she meets her best friends as well as Julio (Franco Masini) who would be the perfect main character for her films and also for her life. But life always has other plans…

Originally titled Todas las veces que nos enamoramos is a romantic comedy and, according to Netflix, “a glowing story with touches of nostalgia about love, the friendship that develops during the university years, and the need to find one’s place in to find in the world.”

Judging by the trailer, “In Love All Over Again” gives the impression of a sympathetic love story with two charming actors and well-developed relationships with the supporting characters. The RomCom is definitely worth a look.

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