Everything you need to know about Carnival in Salvador

Salvador’s Carnival officially kicks off this Thursday (16) and continues until Wednesday (22). After two years without a party due to the Covid-19 pandemic, “the best carnival in the world” is back with 1000 attractions, including artists who will perform in trios and on stages throughout the city.

For you to enjoy Carnival in the best way, the iBahia put together a list with the main information of the party. Check out:

What are circuits?

Salvador Carnival has three official circuits: Dodô (Barra-Ondina), Osmar (Campo Grande) It is Potato (Pelourinho). However, there are still other routes that are part of Carnival, whether on official festival days or pre-carnivals.

Are they: Sergio Bezerra (Barra)), Orlando Tapajós (Ondina/Barra), Counterflow (Castro Alves Square), Mestre Bimba (Northeast of Amaralina) It is creek (Garcia’s change).



Salvador cabin Dodô (Barra-Ondina) from thursday to tuesday From BRL 2,250.00 Only Tuesday and Thursday ALL INCLUSIVE
Planet Band Box Dodô (Barra-Ondina) from thursday to tuesday From BRL 450.00 Every day at the Open Bar; Sold out on Saturday All Inclusive ALL INCLUSIVE and OPEN BAR
Villa cabin Dodô (Barra-Ondina) from friday to tuesday From BRL 1,300.00 Every day ALL INCLUSIVE
harem cabin Dodô (Barra-Ondina) from thursday to monday From BRL 649.00 Every day ALL INCLUSIVE
Brahma cabin Dodô (Barra-Ondina) from thursday to tuesday From BRL 850.00 Every day ALL INCLUSIVE
Club cabin Dodô (Barra-Ondina) from thursday to tuesday From BRL 840.00 Every day ALL INCLUSIVE
cabin.com Dodô (Barra-Ondina) from friday to tuesday From BRL 370.00 Every day OPEN BAR
Lookout Cabin Dodô (Barra-Ondina) from thursday to tuesday From BRL 320.00 Every day OPEN BAR
Ronda Folia cabin Dodô (Barra-Ondina) from thursday to tuesday BRL 250.00 Every day OPEN BAR
cabin for few Dodô (Barra-Ondina) Third BRL 924.00 ALL INCLUSIVE
Cabin Casa da Barra Dodô (Barra-Ondina) from thursday to tuesday From BRL 270.00 Every day OPEN BAR
Giant’s Lookout Dodô (Barra-Ondina) from thursday to tuesday BRL 190.00 Every day
Express Cabin 2222 Dodô (Barra-Ondina) from thursday to tuesday NO SALE ALL INCLUSIVE

main blocks

Chameleon Block with Bell Marques Dodô (Barra-Ondina) Sunday, Monday and Tuesday BRL 1,290.00 (available only on Tuesday)
Owl Block with Ivete Sangalo Dodô (Barra-Ondina) Saturday and Monday BRL 1,100.00
Bloco Largadinho with Claudia Leitte Dodô (Barra-Ondina) sunday and tuesday BRL 670.00 (Sunday) and BRL 840.00 (Tuesday)
Olodum Block Dodô (Barra-Ondina) and Osmar (Campo Grande) friday and sunday BRL 550.00 (Friday) and BRL 650.00 (Sunday)
Afoxé Filhos de Gandhy Dodô (Barra-Ondina) and Osmar (Campo Grande) Sunday, Monday and Tuesday BRL 700 (every day)
Bloco do Nana with Léo Santana Dodô (Barra-Ondina) Friday and Saturday BRL 340.00 (Friday) and BRL 420.00 (Saturday)
Block da Quinta with Bell Marques Dodô (Barra-Ondina) Fifth BRL 590.00
Vumbora Block with Bell Marques Dodô (Barra-Ondina) Friday and Saturday BRL 850.00 (Friday) and BRL 1,090.00 (Saturday)
Block Me Hugs with Durval Lelys Dodô (Barra-Ondina) sunday and monday BRL 780.00
Timbalada Block with Timbalada and Carlinhos Brown Dodô (Barra-Ondina) Saturday and Sunday BRL 500.00
Crocodile Block with Daniela Mercury Dodô (Barra-Ondina) sunday and monday BRL 730.00 (Sunday) and BRL 560.00 (Monday)
That Way Block with Xanddy Harmonia Dodô (Barra-Ondina) sunday and monday BRL 250.00
Eva 2023 Block with Eva Band Dodô (Barra-Ondina) Thursday and Friday BRL 305.00 (Thursday) and BRL 420 (Friday)
Alvorada Block Osmar (Campo Grande) friday BRL 200.00
Happy Block Dodô (Barra-Ondina) Saturday BRL 300.00
Love and Passion Block Osmar (Campo Grande) Thursday BRL 190.00
Bloco Agrada Gregos with Carla Cristina Dodô (Barra-Ondina) Sunday BRL 245.00
Block O Vale with Alinne Rosa Dodô (Barra-Ondina) Saturday and Monday BRL 300.00
Fissure Block with Tomato, Sons of Jorge and DH8 Dodô (Barra-Ondina) Friday and Saturday BRL 417.77 (Friday) and BRL 250.00 (Saturday)
Block WOW! Dodô (Barra-Ondina) Third BRL 200.00
Blow Out Block Dodô (Barra-Ondina) friday BRL 600.00
General Alert Block Osmar Circuit (Campo Grande) Thursday BRL 250.00

Carnival of the neighborhoods

Carnival in Salvador will have programming in eight neighborhoods, in addition to the three official circuits – Dodô, Osmar and Batatinha. The names of the artists who will animate Liberdade, Periperi, Piatã, Pau da Lima, Plataforma, Boca do Rio, Itapuã and Cajazeiras have already been released by the city hall of the capital of Bahia.

Check schedule here.


Forty-two Approach Portals, operating 24 hours a day, supported by Facial Recognition, will be used by the folder. The equipment will be installed at the accesses to the Dodô (Barra), Osmar (Campo Grande) and Batatinha (Pelourinho) circuits.

In the equipment, police officers will use metal detectors preventing the entry of firearms and sharp objects into the party. Backpacks, purses and bags will receive special attention in magazines.

Monitoring the party, the SSP will use 300 mobile and fixed cameras to monitor suspicious movements and also look for fugitives from justice. In 2019, the first year of use, the technology found a murderer, who was dressed as a woman.

Acting in conjunction with technology, around 30,000 police and firefighters will be employed. In total, the State Government will invest around 70 million reais in Public Security.


Access control for cars and motorcycles to restricted circulation areas will be through electronic radars. The equipment will be installed in 15 portals that will be located at the main points of entry and exit of the neighborhoods of the official circuits.

Signs will be positioned on the gates, generating visual information for each driver, indicating whether or not he has permission to transit. When an accredited vehicle passes through the portico, a green light will be activated next to the word “ok”. If you are not accredited, a red light will turn on with the sign showing “not ok” next to it.

The portals will also transmit to a Transalvador platform, in real time, information on vehicle circulation. These systems are capable of evaluating, together with other mobility equipment, traffic conditions, enabling strategies to mitigate traffic problems at specific times.

Only those who have the credentials, which were issued free of charge by Transalvador, can regularly pass through the portals. The stickers, delivered to residents and service providers, contain the vehicle’s license plate, which makes it impossible to sell these identification instruments illegally.

Check the whole transport scheme here.

opening hours

In view of the festive days, malls, stores, supermarkets and services will change their opening hours. check out here.

In addition to shopping malls, the City of Salvador decreed an optional point in municipal public offices on the 17th, 20th, 21st and 22nd of February, due to Carnival. However, essential services will be maintained, ensuring that the population is served during the period. check out here.

Where is my threesome?

The application ‘Where’s My Trio’developed by iBahia portalreaches its tenth edition in 2023. The tool is now available for free download in stores Google Playfor Android, and apple storefor iOS.

In addition to locating the trio and making life easier for those on the street and those who are still going down to enjoy the revelry, it will feature updates on the schedule and location of the main revelry services, such as the fire department, juvenile court and bus stops. and taxi, as well as updated news about the event considered the biggest street party in the world.

Check out the functions of ‘Onde Está Meu Trio’:

  • Pre-carnival program and during the party with details of times and attractions
  • List of trios with departure times
  • Location of the trios in real time on the map
  • 24h live cameras on the circuits
  • Live video broadcast of the party
  • Points of interest on the map
  • Useful phone numbers
  • Updated news from the revelry by iBahia.com.

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