Évora PSP dismantles family trafficking network and seizes cocaine, heroin and hashish | Drug dealing

Évora’s PSP dismantled “a family network that supplied the city with narcotics”, with the arrest of a couple, both aged 36, and the seizure of 134 doses of cocaine, 320 of heroin and a dose of hashish.

In a statement released this Friday, the day after the arrests, the Évora District Command of the PSP revealed that it complied eight searches, five of them at home. O couple, husband and wife, is suspected of the crime of drug trafficking.

Police agents seized, in addition to the aforementioned doses of cocaine, heroin and hashish, around 180 euros in cash, two light passenger vehicles and various objects allegedly acquired as a result of drug sales.

The detainees will be present at the first judicial interrogation and learn about the respective coercive measures later this Friday. The traffic network continues in study by the Squadron of Criminal Investigation of the PSP of Évora.

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