Ex-soccer player killed after bar fight in BA

Image: Photo: Playback/TV Santa Cruz

A former soccer player was shot dead after getting involved in a bar fight, on Sunday (12), in the city of Teixeira de Freitas, in southern Bahia.

The victim was identified as Erisvaldo Souza dos Santos, popularly known as Eri, 54 years old. He had integrated the municipal selection in his youth.

There is still no information about the authorship and motivation of the crime. The case is under investigation by the Teixeira de Freitas police station.

In a note, the City Hall of Teixeira de Freitas mourned the death of the former player and recalled Eri’s passage through the team.

The former athlete’s body was released by the Legal Medical Institute (IML) this Monday (13). There are no details about his burial.


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