Bart De Wever

Bart De Wever © Inge Kinnet


Antwerp mayor Bart De Wever and his N-VA stand head and shoulders above the other parties. The party does not pay a price for ruling Antwerp for almost nine years. Remarkable loser is opposition party Groen.

This is apparent from a political poll by iVox among a thousand Antwerp residents who Gazette of Antwerp had it carried out exactly three years after the municipal elections, halfway through the legislature of the yellow-blue-red coalition. N-VA obtained 34.5% of the votes, which is a slight loss compared to the results of the municipal elections in 2018, although with a maximum margin of error of 3.02% it is difficult to speak of a real loss.

The Weaver lord and master

Mayor De Wever also stands his ground. He is at the top of both the popularity poll and the mayor’s question with 28.5% and 35.8% of the vote respectively. Far behind him stands education ships Jinnih Beels (Vooruit). Vooruit is the only governing party that has increased by a few percentage points.

On the side of the opposition, there is bad news for Groen. The party is falling to 14% and a loss of three seats, according to the poll. With the municipal elections in 2018, the Greens still achieved 18.1%, making Groen the only party to record a significant decline. Remarkable evolution, because in recent months the political debate has been about climate, road safety and mobility, classic themes of Groen.

A solid advance of the Vlaams Belang is not forthcoming in Antwerp. The party comes in at 12.8% and is the fourth largest party after N-VA, Groen and Vooruit.


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