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PlayStation Store – Novinky v January Sale

Although on PlayStation you will still find the same discount offer as last week, so its offer has changed. We also have newer exclusives for the PlayStation 5 like Demon’s Souls (1 314 Kč). If he doesn’t understand the players’ complaints about the Elden Ring’s graphics, it’s because of this remake that looks great and plays just as well.

In addition, we have an award-winning event here Returnal (1,589 CZK). This time, Housemarque Studio took action from the perspective of a third party, which combines elements from the rogue-like and bullet hell genres. The main heroine is caught in a time loop on an unknown planet full of danger. Can you break through the challenging enemies and find out what’s going on here?

Discounted is also quite fresh Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One (951 Kč). Here we look at the famous detective in his early days, when he goes to a distant island. There are more than enough cases to solve. So far only available on PS5. It should reach the previous generation, but the developers postponed this version to fine-tune the optimization.

Case resolution may be too time consuming for some of you. Doom Eternal (650 Kč) on the other hand, it won’t let you breathe. The discount applies to the Deluxe edition, so with the basic game, you have both parts of the Ancient Gods extension straight away, along with a few extra cosmetic accessories. When purchased, you will receive a version for both PS4 and PS5.

GOG – Weekly Sale

At GOG this week only traditional discounts arrived, in which you will find pieces from various genres. Due to the recent postponement of the second S.T.A.L.K.E.R.a it’s out of the question to look at its older parts yet. There are all 3 – Clear Sky (3$), Shadow of Chernobyl (5,4$) i Call of Pripyat (6,8$) they still have something to offer. You can even go through the first two parts with Czech dubbing.


If you are interested in a newer story FPS, there are also discounts Metro 2033 (5,6$) a Metro: Last Light (5,6$). Both parts are here in the Redux version, so they look a bit better than the originals. From the very beginning, you can look at Artyom’s path through underground complexes, in which there are many dangers. And then you can immediately start with the Exodus Meter, which has also appeared very often in events lately.

We will bounce back from the shooters into the surivival genre. Don’t Starve (2$) is one of the titles that came out during the big boom of survival games. You play as the scientist Wilson, who was caught by a demon and then got into a mysterious wilderness. The way home is not easy. You have to learn to use everything you come across and, most importantly, to stay safe.

Epic Store – Galactic Civilizations III zdarma

If you regularly pick up all the games for free every week on Epic, so there will be nothing new for you this time. Galactic Civilizations III was in the dealer at the beginning of last year. Players who didn’t make it at the time, but they certainly won’t despise this sci-fi space strategy.


We are in a future where humanity has only recently learned that it is not alone in the universe. But their advanced technology rivals that of the Drengin, Altarian, and many others. It’s up to you which one you play for, but the task is always the same. To create a prosperous, secure and well-functioning civilization.

Occasionally there will be wars with other races, but your relationships will not only depend on fighting. You can trade, explore new technologies or negotiate. Compared to the previous parts of this series, the main novelty is several possibilities by which victory can be achieved.

Ubisoft Connect – Wallet Offer

You won’t find any giant discounts in the Ubisoft store this time, but they have quite a whole month for players interesting offer. If you spend more than € 50 by February 7, you will receive it in your wallet € 10 extra.


You don’t have to spend everything at once. All the orders you place on Ubisoft Connect until then are added up. Each user can use this offer only once. But be careful not to lose your bonus. You only have 20 days to use it.

You would look in vain for news here, but if you are missing some of the older Ubisoft games in the library, it is quite possible that you will find it among the discounts. Assassin’s Creed Unity (4,5€) does not suffer from such problems as at the time of issue. It would also be worthwhile For Honor (7,5€)which Ubisoft still supports with new content years after its release.

Steam – Mafia Sale

Perhaps no one can miss this legendary Czech series in the game library. And if that were the case, then now is the perfect opportunity to complete your collection. On Steam because you will find discounts on all parts of the Mafia series. From a great start with Tommy Angel, you can get through Vita Scaletta to the not-so-successful story of Lincoln Clay.

Mafia II Definitive Edition Screen 2.jpg

In addition to separate titles, we also have a package here Mafia: Trilogy (30€). In it you will find all three parts in the final editions. So it only includes a remake of the first Mafia, which came out in 2020. Although it looks very good, the changes in the second half of the game were for the worse, so we still prefer the original. You can find the one on Steam with a price tag of € 3.3.

Since you can no longer buy the second and third episodes than in the final edition, you don’t even have to worry about additional DLC acquisitions. For Mafia II, however, we still recommend that you start playing the classic version, which will be added to your library with the purchase of the final one. There is no significant difference in graphics and the files only take up a few tens of gigabytes of disk space.

Still in progress: Humble Choice – Mafia: Definitive Edition, Iron Harvest and others

After a long time, a rather tempting offer also appeared in the Humble Choice subscription. The biggest attraction this time is definitive edition of the first Mafia. Even though the remake has its flaws, Lost Heaven looks gorgeous in the new coat. You can also enjoy Czech dubbing, which was recorded again from scratch for the remake.


In addition, there is a strategy in the selection Iron Harvest, in which you look into the 1920s in an alternative reality, when nations are at war with each other with the help of massive mechanical robots. You can play a campaign, competitive multiplayer and there is also the possibility of cooperation in skirmishes.

He stands out among other smaller issues Rustlerwhich is nicknamed the medieval GTA. He is inspired by the first two parts of this legendary series and transfers everything to a medieval environment with a special humor. Don’t expect any serious business from Rustler and he will surely entertain you for a few hours. As always, you will find the complete subscription offer on the Humble Choice website.

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