Experts oppose the emergence of housing management regoperators

The introduction of the “regional operator for housing management” model is envisaged by the Strategy for the Development of the Construction Industry and Housing and Utilities, developed by the Ministry of Construction.

The document provides for the development of various institutions and models of housing management, including possible forms of public-private partnerships based on open competitions for the selection of professional management organizations. Including – the introduction of the model of a “regional operator for housing management”, he will guarantee compensation for damage in case of violations that led to an accident at home.

This proposal met with objections from experts. “The introduction of a regional operator will lead to another redistribution of the market for managing apartment buildings in favor of specific officials,” said Tatyana Vepretskaya, director of the ANP National Housing Congress. state. When there are market relations and healthy competition, the quality of services increases, but under a monopoly this is practically impossible, there is no such practice either in Russia or abroad. “

The expert community advocated the emergence of a regional operator, but for other purposes, Vepretskaya notes. “With the introduction of licensing, many dilapidated and dilapidated buildings were left without management, and now this issue remains relevant. Professional management should appear in such buildings, including through a regional operator for the management of apartment buildings.”

However, if regoperators develop as it is now proposed in the document, cross-subsidization will increase even more: old and damaged houses will be repaired and serviced at the expense of good houses, Vepretskaya said. New homes will be the first to suffer from the innovation. The initiative does not say anything about dilapidated and dilapidated houses – it is unclear whether the regoperators will take over their maintenance or will only deal with good housing stock.

“The goal of compensation for damage is also a big question,” says Vepretskaya. but the authorities took a more difficult and unpopular path. “

The Ministry of Construction did not comment on this initiative. “The draft strategy for the development of the construction industry and housing and communal services until 2030 with a forecast for the period up to 2035 has been published for wide public discussion, so it is premature to talk about the developed initiatives before the official approval of the strategy,” the ministry’s press service said.

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