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New range of monitors AOC Gaming G3 delivers an extraordinary 1000R (with a radius of one meter) and a refresh rate of 165 Hz in the 27, 32 and 34 inch diagonals. Smaller diagonals of 27 and 32 inches mean an aspect ratio of 16: 9, larger ones 34 “have 21: 9 with a resolution of 3440 × 1440 and the image height corresponds to a 27” monitor.

The VA-type panels on these monitors provide high contrast and the curvature ensures even color reproduction. Nevertheless, it is necessary to keep in mind the limits of VA, which cannot provide extremely fast image recovery for the most demanding players.

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The distinctive stand and noticeable curvature are complemented by light game styling with red accents

We tried the 34 “version, because it offers everything the lower ones and you probably prefer to choose a widescreen variant for a curved monitor.


Diagonal: 34 “21: 9 ● Resolution: 3440 × 1440, 165 Hz ● FreeSync Premium, Nvidia G-Sync ● VA panel, matte ● Measured contrast: 3784: 1, maximum brightness 330 nits ● dE deviation for sRGB: 2.89 , dE for DCI-P3: 2.61 ● curvature: 1000R ● 2 × HDMI 1.4, 2 × DisplayPort 1.4, USB-B 3.0 + 4 × USB-A 3.0, headphone output ● built-in speakers 2 × 5W ● VESA mounts 100 × 100 ● stand: depth 34 cm, width 56.5 cm, height adjustment 13 cm, rotation ± 30 °, tilt -5 / 21.5 ° ● monitor: width 79.5 cm, height 40.5–53.5 cm ● Consumption 52 W full brightness, 31 W at 120 nits

16 690 CZK

Is the curvature of the 1000R a win or a problem?

I have a long experience with curved monitors with a radius of 1.8 m (1800R), so I was curious to see how much half the radius of curvature would change the perception of the image. In short: the curvature draws you more into the game scene, but it’s not so extreme as to be unnecessarily distracting. Honestly, there is not as dramatic a difference in emotion between the 1800R and 1000R as it would correspond to looking at numbers.

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The setting range on the stand, the curvature stands out when placed on a flat surface

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